Law of Attraction Challenge #14: Practice Forgiveness


This week you should practice forgiveness. The only person hurting from holding grudges is the holder of the grudge–YOU!

The above image explains how to detach from your ego to end an argument. This is a great reminder on the first step to forgiveness.

Forgiveness can also be to forgive yourself
for something you may be still holding onto. Forgive yourself so you can move on.

Decide what may be impeding your happiness and work this week towards the goal of all encompassing forgiveness. Not an easy task but I have faith in You to do it!

Until next time, have magical moments! Xoxo ūüôā

LOA Challenge Reflection


Hello awesome readers!!  We hope you have been enjoying the LOA challenges and would love to hear your feedback!

How are you doing with them? Have you found any particularly challenging or maybe too easy?

These challenges are intended to help you realize your full potential and they should hopefully inspire you!

Your feedback is not only welcomed but encouraged!

Hoping you you have a magical day!

P.S. We are super excited to announce that we were nominated for the Liebert Award by fellow blogger Jacki from Flying the Good Flight (

We are busy working to respond to this narly nomination and our post should be up soon. In the meantime take a look at Jacki’s blog ūüôā



Law of Attraction Challenge #13: Don’t Gossip One Day This Week

3.27.14 dog with phone

This weeks challenge may sound easier than it really is.  Do you pay attention when you or someone you care about begins to gossip in your presence?  Do you yourself spread gossip?  When you partake in the act of gossiping, you could potentially be drawing into your life negativity without even being aware.

So this week we challenge you to not partake in any gossiping any day–at all! ¬†You will surprised at how many opportunities exist to allow gossip to enter your life.

We wish you luck with this challenge and please share your experiences below!

Until next time, have magical moments!! ūüôā xoxo

Law of Attraction Challenge #12: Connect With a Magicality Buddy This Week

3.20.14 Virtual People

This weeks challenge is to connect with a Magicality Buddy!¬† The Law of Attraction is a great tool to create the life of your dreams but sometimes you need help in seeing things that you currently can’t see. ¬†Sometimes it is easier using the law when you have a friend who can help you out in harnessing your power.

That is why having a Magicality Buddy can really help you on your journey. By having someone or several buddies to bounce your thoughts and ideas about life onto, they can help you change words or habits that may be holding you back.

So grab a like-minded friend who believes or perhaps connect with someone on our site here, and begin manifesting with love and friendships backing you up. ¬†You will notice that your buddy can really help you and that when you help your buddy, your life will be filled with gratitude–attracting more things for you to be grateful for.

Good luck with your challenge & Happy Manifesting!

Until next time, have magical moments!! ūüôā xoxo


Law of Attraction Challenge #11: Harnessing Your Inner Idol

3.13.14 Spirtitual Person

Today I wanted to talk to you about harnessing the power of someone else to achieve your goals.

My friends and I were talking one day about what qualities we love about each other but didn’t currently possess in our own lives. For example, one of my friends keeps and maintains a very clean home. So she explained to us how she does it and went step by step.

So to emulate what she does in her life and have that translate into my own life, I harnessed my “inner Rachel”. It didn’t happen overnight by any means, but as I practiced my inner Rachel, I noticed that maintaining my clean home got easier and easier. It wasn’t something that was innate for me, but it was something that I was able to harness and embrace.

So I challenge you to harness an “inner someone”. It could be a friend you admire or someone famous. For example, if you like the way Steve Jobs went after his vision, harness your inner Jobs. Or if you like how peaceful Deepak Chopra is, harness your inner Chopra. ¬†If it is a friend, ask them to explain what it is that you admire and how to achieve that. ¬†If it is someone you don’t know, study them and immerse yourself in how they accomplish what they do.

Pick a trait you admire from someone and start harnessing that person as you incorporate their attitude and way of doing things in your life. You will see how much easier it gets as you practice your harnessing.

Take this week to harness your inner idol!

Until next time, have magical moments! ūüôā xoxo

Law of Attraction Challenge #10: Perform a Negativity Analysis This Week

3.6.14 Challenge 10

This week, and last, Rayna wrote posts explaining how to do a Negativity Analysis.  Now we want you to try it!

Take some time this week, when you find yourself stressed about something or your mood turning sour–your Magnet essentially flipping–to ask yourself what it is that is truly bothering you, give a detailed description of the negative emotion involved and confront it, recognizing that it is there, accepting it and allowing it to dissolve.

For more information as to how to do this, check out Rayna’s detailed posts about performing a Negativity Analysis:

Confronting Your Negative Emotions to Attract Better Things Into Your Life: Part 1

Confronting Your Negative Emotions to Attract Better Things Into Your Life: Part 2

Let us know how it goes!  Good Luck!

Law of Attraction Challenge #9: Give Back in Some Form This Week

2.27.2014 Challenge 9When you read the title of this week’s Law of Attraction Challenge, what comes to mind? ¬†What pops into your head as a way of “giving back?”

Is it a monetary donation?  Is it volunteering your time?  Is it doing something nice for someone that will be surprised?  Is it just being in the moment and spending time with the ones you love, maybe the ones who have been missing you and will appreciate their special time with you?

Well, all of these are possibilities!  Giving back could mean anything!

The purpose of this LOA Challenge is the guide you to be consciously aware of making a decision to do something that will benefit someone else AND make you feel good in turn. ¬†The attraction cycle will keep spinning, surrounding all of those involved with a positive aura and attracting more of the same–choose to be a part of that feel-good cycle!

Run with this idea! ¬†Be creative! ¬†“Challenge” yourself and share with us how you end up giving back!

Good luck and enjoy!

Law of Attraction Challenge #8: Let Love Prevail

2.20.2014 Let Love Prevail

Last week we celebrated Valentine’s Day, a day defined by love. ¬†We hope that you experienced a wonderful Valentine’s Day this year but we don’t want the warm and fuzzy feeling of LOVE to last only one day!

Let the feeling of love prevail this week! ¬†It doesn’t have to end when Valentine’s Day comes to a close! ¬†This week, continue spreading the love! ¬†Pretend it is still Valentine’s Day each day this week and bask in the love you get back in return!

Love and positivity go hand in hand.  Nurture the relationship you have with your smiling magnet this week and be sure to take notice of all the wonderful things you attract into your life because of it!

Law of Attraction Challenge #7: Perform 3 Random Acts of Kindness This Week

2.13.2014 Acts of KindnessDoesn’t it feel wonderful when someone does something unexpectedly nice for you? ¬†Even if it is small, and done by a stranger, doesn’t it make your heart smile a little when you feel kindness?

Well, we are asking YOU to be the one to make someone’s heart, and hopefully face, smile a little bigger this week!

Perform 3 random acts of kindness this week.  Whatever you do, do it with the intention of love and positivity.  It will not only make the person you are helping out feel good, but it will make you feel great too!

Be the one to start the flow of positivity this week and you will be amazing how much positivity you get back in return!

Let us know how it goes!  Good luck!

Law of Attraction Challenge #6: Learn How To Do EFT Tapping & Use It This Week

2.7.2014 EFT

EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a wonderful energy psychology tool that often works when nothing else does. ¬†It is an emotional version of acupuncture but there are no needles involved–it is totally non-invasive, gentle, portable and can be learned by anyone, even children.

What you are doing with EFT is mentally tuning into specific issues such as pain or memories that evoke negative emotions, and then stimulating certain energy meridian points on the body by tapping on them with your fingertips.

Our bodies are “electrical” in nature, and just like the wiring in your house, our bodies have circuits that energy flows through. ¬†Have you ever plugged too many things into one outlet and blown a fuse then had to go to the electrical panel and flip the breaker back? ¬†Well, the circuits in our bodies can get overwhelmed too, preventing the smooth flow of energy–essentially causing a blown fuse.

Those headaches you always get that interfere with your daily life, the intense sensation of butterflies in your stomach anytime you have to speak to a group of people, the anger you always feel and don’t know why–these can all be the result of a disruption in your energy system. ¬†EFT is what we use to “flip the breaker” on our preverbal “blown fuses”–it’s like a Do-Over switch…it’s magical and I am in love with it!

Please check out the Youtube video included here to learn the basics of tapping–you will be surprised how quickly you can learn how to use it!

After becoming familiar with tapping, try to use it this week!  It is your Law of Attraction Challenge this week!  Try it for anything! Try tapping before you go to bed, when things are quiet and you can take a few minutes for yourself.  Please let us know how it goes for you and about your results!

If you are interested in working with someone, I am an EFT practitioner and would love to work with you!  Please email me at

Here’s to Tap, Tap, Tapping!