Law of Attraction Challenge #14: Practice Forgiveness


This week you should practice forgiveness. The only person hurting from holding grudges is the holder of the grudge–YOU!

The above image explains how to detach from your ego to end an argument. This is a great reminder on the first step to forgiveness.

Forgiveness can also be to forgive yourself
for something you may be still holding onto. Forgive yourself so you can move on.

Decide what may be impeding your happiness and work this week towards the goal of all encompassing forgiveness. Not an easy task but I have faith in You to do it!

Until next time, have magical moments! Xoxo 🙂

Forgiveness Will Allow You to Attract the Life You Desire

1.13.14 Hands in sky forgive

Forgiveness will set you free.  This small statement will change your life forever.  Too often, something happens in your life where you harbor on to ill feelings of someone or something that has done something you feel unjust.

This anger turns into a grudge and deep down consumes you and your thoughts.  You need to learn to forgive.  Forgive past events or childhood experiences that has happened to you.

Forgiveness opens you up to receiving greatness in your life.  Lets face it, who is really being hurt by holding on to grudges?  Is it the person or people that hurt you in the first place?  Or are you the one suffering most?

As seen on Gospel Relevance

As seen on Gospel Relevance

If someone stole your wallet from you 20 years ago, and you do not forgive that person, who really won?  Was it you or the person that stole that money from you in the first place?

Holding on to grudges makes your mind dwell on anger and resentment, which are negative sentiments.  Because of non-forgiveness, you begin to feel and believe you are a victim and that justice will never come.

Feeling these negative feelings will only bring more events and circumstances into your life to feel that way about.  By forgiving you are releasing all of these negative emotions and you will now be able to heal inside and attract positive to you.

After forgiving everyone around yourself, you need to forgive yourself.  Is there something in the back of your minds that is causing you guilt and sadness?  Are there any unresolved issues you have with yourself?

If you don’t forgive yourself for past mistakes and misdeeds, you will never feel that you deserve more than what you have now which will ultimately block the universe from giving you more abundance in your life.

A huge way to let go and forgive is to let go of your judgment.  Judgment of a particular wrong doing can cause you to hold onto hurt, anger and resentment.

This exact judgment holds you back from forgiving someone.  Let go of your personal judgment, to others and yourself, and you will see that forgiveness will prove to be much easier for you.

Holding onto to a grudge does not give you peace of mind and a very good reason to forgive would be the motivation of having peace of mind once and for all.

As seen on Search Quotes

As seen on Search Quotes

When you hold onto a grudge, every so often resentment rises to the surface, which is not a good thing if you are trying to manifest positive things into your life.

Holding on to this negativity takes a lot of energy, so in the end you are wasting a lot of energy on something in the past that you can’t do anything about.

Forgive completely and have peace of mind.  Then watch how much easier it becomes to manifest positive people, events and circumstances into your life.

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!

With Love xoxo 🙂

The Power of Apology in Living the Law of Attraction

11.6.13 Power of Apology

Have you ever observed small children navigate the social waters and occasionally bump heads with one another such as fighting over a toy and then casually giving each other a retaliation punch?

If so, were you also able to observe how the parent handled the situation? Most parents seem to immediately jump in and instruct their child to, “Say your sorry,” which is usually followed by the child saying it somewhat under his or her breath, without feeling or remorse.

Like children, we can all lose control of our magnet at times, I certainly do here and there, it happens, we’re all human, but it is important to make right what you may have done wrong.

The trick is being aware of the fact that you had a momentary lapse in sticking to your higher-self-path. As soon as you realize this, flip your magnet back the way it should be, back to its manifestation smile.  Then, reexamine the situation that made you lose your cool, that made your magnet teeter, and see if there is a way to rectify the negativity that you may have had a hand in.

As seen on Psychology Today

As seen on Psychology Today

The best, and most assertive way to do this is by simply apologizing to anyone you may have affected (like when it is bed time, and your patience are running low, and you snap at your kids and send then off to bed in a house full of tension energy).

Ask yourself if whatever made you step outside of living the Law of Attraction and back into the “it’s everyone else’s fault” world was really worth it….and if you really dig deeper, most of the time it isn’t the outside source that you blame for causing your break from Magicality in the heat of the moment, it really is something that is going on inside yourself.

Therefore, I think you may agree with me, that an apology is in order. (That’s when you hug your kids, look them in the eyes in the morning and tell them you love them; tell them that you apologize for losing control over your magnet and you are sorry for yelling. They will appreciate it, even if they are little, and will look to emulate the example you are setting)

Apologies are powerful because they signal to the universe that you are aware of your thoughts, emotions and actions; that even though you may make a mistake occasionally, you are quick to fix it–and hopefully learn from it.

Be grateful for your momentary magnet misdirection because it is a lesson to learn from, but be even more grateful for your noticing it and correcting it. And, don’t worry, your apologies won’t go unnoticed; the universe will send you signs of thanks as well…and be sure to thank it right back!

So, don’t fret when you make a wrong turn (and your magnet follows), just be sure to offer a heart-felt, sincere apology to all involved…universe and magnet included.

May all your apologies bring you much positivity in return!