Living in the Now Will Set You Free

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For the past several weeks I’ve been really studying being more in the present moment also known as the now. Years ago I came across the book The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle.  While at the time I felt it to be very profound and inspirational, I couldn’t see the connection to the law of attraction.

Fast forward almost 6 years later and the universe is now showing me that connection. Over the next several weeks my focus is going to be to share what I am learning with you.  Hopefully this can inspire you to be more present in your life.

I wanted to share with you how the power of the present moment re-entered my life. There’s just so much Magicality to it that I think it is post-worthy!

So sometime in the last month I have this huge epiphany! After about 6 years from the time I read The Power of Now I finally got it!!  Perhaps it came to me in a dream or maybe I was daydreaming, but I was finally able to grasp the meaning of living in the now.   In order to truly manifest the life of your dreams you have to step out of your head…step out of thinking…and be in the present moment…the now…this all links to your past beliefs in your subconscious.

If you get out of your head and thinking to the present moment there are no subconscious beliefs to interfere. You allow yourself to truly access the power of the universe.

So I have these amazing thoughts…then I was up early one Sunday morning with my son and after some time we went to take a nap together.  When I woke up and turned on the TV…it was pure Magicality…Oprah talking to Eckhart Tolle about being in the present moment links you to God.  They went on to say that believing about God is so much less than experiencing God in the now.

It was chilling.

I just Had to share how I had the thought and then almost instantly it affirms itself to me through the program that was on television. I know it’s not easy to grasp your mind around which is why I will be delving into the subject more in depth over the course of the next several weeks.

Also be more aware of the inspiration you receive.  The universe is trying to tell you something.  Try to be more present in your life and see how more joy enters your life.

Until next time, have magical moments!
xoxo 🙂

Appreciating Your Now: Attracting the Life of Your Dreams

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Are you grateful for what you have in your life currently?  Are you happy with your current circumstances?  Does thinking about your life bring a smile to your face?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of the above questions, it may be the exact reason that you aren’t attracting the life that you truly desire.  In order to begin seeing what you desire, you have to begin to appreciate what you already have now.

I know this may sound crazy to you, but it is the only way.  You need to feel love and gratitude for everything that life has presented to you.  I know it’s easier said than done, but you can do it.

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You may ask things like, “How is it possible to be happy for my job that I am currently miserable at?” or “How is it possible for me to be happy with my financial situation when I am struggling day to day to pay my bills?”  These are valid questions, but the answer is something that will truly change your world.

If you continually focus on the things that make you unhappy and the lack of things in your life, you will send this out to the universe.  The universe will then respond to what you are thinking, which is that of lack and unhappiness.  This is the exact opposite of what you want, right?

So decide no matter how unhappy or unsatisfied a particular situation is making you, that you will rise above it and decide to be happy and grateful for it anyway.  You woke up this morning, didn’t you?  You were given the gift of life and for that you should make an effort to be happy and grateful for all that you have today, right now.

As seen on Volume 25

As seen on Volume 25

The universe is giving to you all that you are thinking.  This is a universal law.  Because you are constantly receiving what you are thinking, you should be grateful for all that you receive.

If you were to give something to someone and they weren’t thankful for it, it wouldn’t make you feel good.  Always be grateful for all that you have and then you will open the doors to attract anything you want right into your life.

The moment you have feelings of lack, recognize that you are sending a request for more lack into your life.  Take this as an opportunity to change your frequency and appreciate what you have to draw more things in life your way to appreciate.  Make this a practice and see how your life changes for the good.

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!

With Love xoxo 🙂