Be Grateful for “Money In” No Matter What Its Form

3.26.14 Money InI adhere to a gluten free diet.  Aside from doing it for health reasons, I’ve come to discover that the elimination of gluten from my diet has improved my mood; I feel less depressed and experience less severe and frequent mood swings—essentially, I am able to control my magnet better and keep it smiling for much long periods of time.

Anyway, my dear friend, and original Magicality Buddy, Rayna, was gluten free for a while but she recently decided it was not the best lifestyle for her to live any longer.

One morning, I woke up to find three large boxes at my doorstep.  Knowing I hadn’t ordered anything, I was confused as to what they were about until my eyes met the letters of Magicality in each one, telling me to enjoy some “Money In,” and saw the gluten free goodies that were being passed on to me by my MB (Magicality Buddy).  It was like gluten free heaven and Christmas all rolled into one; I was so grateful and excited!

As seen on Side Dish...

As seen on Side Dish…

I am sharing this personal story with you because it is an excellent example of “Money In,” as Joe Vitale calls it.  Though it was not in “money” form, this gift had VALUE; not only were all the items expensive to buy, but the gift itself had special meaning—value—for me.

It is an amazing way to recognize things in your life for their value.  Everything has value—the savings coupon or discount, a gift received, the free tickets you win, spending time with loved ones, or even the unexpected help you receive—these all have value and deserve attention and gratitude.

An excellent way to show your gratitude is to reciprocate in some way—“Money Out” for you is “Money In” for someone else.  We are all connected.  There is no vacuum in the system; when you let go of something, maybe money in this case, it will soon be replaced by something else—“Money back in”—in some form.

“Value In” and “Value Out” is always happening and it happens for everyone.  It’s a matter of being aware, noticing, accepting it, showing gratitude and reciprocating.  The moment you let fear enter the equation—fear of letting go of something because of the sense of lack, you immediate prevent the flow of attracting more “value” to you! Believe in abundance!

I am looking forward to surprising Rayna with a gratitude gift in return; I know whatever I send, and whenever it happens, it will be the right time for both of us and it will make both of our Magnets smile!

Here’s to much “Value In” for all of us!

Law of Attraction Challenge #12: Connect With a Magicality Buddy This Week

3.20.14 Virtual People

This weeks challenge is to connect with a Magicality Buddy!  The Law of Attraction is a great tool to create the life of your dreams but sometimes you need help in seeing things that you currently can’t see.  Sometimes it is easier using the law when you have a friend who can help you out in harnessing your power.

That is why having a Magicality Buddy can really help you on your journey. By having someone or several buddies to bounce your thoughts and ideas about life onto, they can help you change words or habits that may be holding you back.

So grab a like-minded friend who believes or perhaps connect with someone on our site here, and begin manifesting with love and friendships backing you up.  You will notice that your buddy can really help you and that when you help your buddy, your life will be filled with gratitude–attracting more things for you to be grateful for.

Good luck with your challenge & Happy Manifesting!

Until next time, have magical moments!! 🙂 xoxo


Magicality Moment #18: Magicality Buddy

Magicality Buddies

You don’t have to do this alone. In fact, you shouldn’t have to! Grab your friend that is into the law of attraction and interested in Magicality and ask them to be your Magicality buddy.

As Magicality buddies, you can help each other practice and hone in on your skills of attracting great and positive things into your lives. You can help each other see the positive in all circumstances, because sometimes when we look at it alone it almost seems not possible to find positive in something we may consider ‘negative’.

You will help each other move past your past and be more present in the now, which isn’t an easy task.  You will be there to support each other and remind one another to turn your magnets up when they are teetering or turned down.

Without a buddy, you can definitely practice Magicality, but with a buddy, the process becomes so much easier.  If you don’t have a buddy, go to the tab “Magicality Buddies” and connect with someone by adding comments.