Magicality Moment #19: Sweet Dreams of Magicality

2.6.2014 Sweet Dreams of Magicality

Dreaming goes hand in hand with getting in tune with your inner child.

Let your dreams influence your law of attraction make-believe.  Dream big because that’s what dreams are, what dreams should be.  But dreams do come true so don’t sell your dreams short!

We are all special and akin with one another; if someone else can live the life of their dreams, you can too!

Magicality Moment #18: Magicality Buddy

Magicality Buddies

You don’t have to do this alone. In fact, you shouldn’t have to! Grab your friend that is into the law of attraction and interested in Magicality and ask them to be your Magicality buddy.

As Magicality buddies, you can help each other practice and hone in on your skills of attracting great and positive things into your lives. You can help each other see the positive in all circumstances, because sometimes when we look at it alone it almost seems not possible to find positive in something we may consider ‘negative’.

You will help each other move past your past and be more present in the now, which isn’t an easy task.  You will be there to support each other and remind one another to turn your magnets up when they are teetering or turned down.

Without a buddy, you can definitely practice Magicality, but with a buddy, the process becomes so much easier.  If you don’t have a buddy, go to the tab “Magicality Buddies” and connect with someone by adding comments.

Magicality Moment #17: Look for the Little Things

1.23.14 Little Things

Sometimes you set intentions of what you want in life and only focus on what you consider ‘big’ things to get attracted into your life.  Start looking for the little things you ask for and watch as they start appearing in your life.

Be grateful for even the smallest things that you are able to attract (like attracting a perfect parking spot!) and then you will see how the bigger things become easier to manifest into your life.

Magicality Moment #16: Be a Baby…Take 1 Step at a Time

1.16.13 Baby Walking

Life, and everything attached to it, moves one step at a time, whether we realize it or not.  Just like a child learning to walk, they always take that first step which is exciting and exhilarating for a watching parent and the baby herself.

Yet, as we get older, the steps we take when trying something new can get clouded over with noisy, negative thoughts and worries; the excitement of new experiences gets drown out only because we are thinking too many steps ahead!

A baby is constantly living in the moment. When a baby stands to take her first step, she is not thinking, “Wow, it’s really far to have to get from me to my mother. Maybe I should just crawl over instead. I won’t get hurt that way.”

No!  The baby takes that first step when she feels ready and then goes from there…one step at a time! Don’t let your mind “runaway train” with worries—pull the emergency break! Take 1 Step at a Time.

Magicality Moment #15: Giving Back

1.9.13 Hands with Hearts


Magicality shows you that with faith, love and gratitude that you can truly create the life of your dreams using the law of attraction.  The universe starts giving you so much and you feel so grateful for it.

A way to honor the universe is to give back.  Whether it be to volunteer your time, money, a shoulder to lean on or some other means of giving back, the universe will appreciate that you are paying it forward.

When you give back, you will not only feel amazing for doing so, but you will see that anything you give comes right back to you, and usually in increasing quantities.

Magicality Moment #14: Practice Makes Perfect

1.2.14 Practice Makes perfect


If you decided you wanted to learn to play an instrument, you would start taking lessons.  Then in between each lesson, you would practice what you learned in the prior lesson.

Your days would be consumed with practicing your instrument over and over until you feel comfortable to move on to the next thing you learned.  Then you would repeat the process of practicing.

Just like with an instrument, or anything else you learn, for that matter, practice makes perfect!  For Magicality and honing in on your law of attraction skills, practice makes perfect as well!  If you take what you learn today and not use it tomorrow, then it won’t work for you.

Remember to practice, practice, practice!

Magicality Moment #13: Inspired Thoughts are Signs of Magicality

12.26.13 girl thinking with bubble


Sometimes you will have a thought that just pops into your head out of nowhere. This is considered an inspired thought. You put all of these thoughts out into the universe of what you want your life to be, so pay attention to these inspired thoughts.

You want to focus more on these thoughts because it will lead you to taking inspired action and ultimately attract what you want to you.
Opportunities are always all around you—be aware—and follow the yellow-brick-Magicality road…it will always keep you on the best path.

Magicality Moment #12: Tests Are Everywhere

12.19.13 Woman THinking


Just like in school, life is filled with tests of Magicality. When you are learning anything in a school setting, the teacher will give you tests to make sure that you are progressing.  Just like in school, life will throw you many tests.  Consider these tests of your faith.

A lot of time, these appear in the form of what seems to be ‘negative’ events or circumstances.

Do you still believe that positive things will happen? Do you believe that your positive thoughts and intentions will get you what you truly want?  Then trust in Magicality and believe that what seems to be ‘negative’ will somehow turn out being positive.

Realize that when this perceived not good thing happens that it is just a test of your faith.  Pass the test by having faith in the universe that your positive intentions will be what your life becomes.

Magicality Moment #11: Have Faith at All Times

12.12.13 Hands With Light

Unwavering faith is what you need to attract greatness into your life.  If you went online and ordered a package from a reliable company to be delivered to your home, you would expect it to come and forget about it.

Your faith in the company that you placed your order in is unwavering and you don’t worry and keep checking your order.  The same holds true with the universe.

Pretend that when you set an intention of what you want that it is a reliable company that has ALWAYS delivered to you what you have ordered.  Have complete faith at all times that the universe is doing it’s job and working FOR YOU, not against you.

Magicality Moment #10: Expect Miracles

12.5.13 Light Miracles

This may seem like its too simple, but it’s usually the simple things that you do that draw in greatness.  Live every day of your life expecting miracles. Too often, you start expecting things that are the exact opposite, despite stating intentions of what you truly desire.

When this happens, you draw into your life things that don’t align with what you really want.  Don’t expect bills to come in the mail or bad news to be on the other line of the phone.  Don’t expect to have a busy day at work or a hard time confronting someone you love.  Expect the opposite.  Expect miracles and you will get them.