You Are Not Your Ego

4.14.14 Lotus flower with person

As discussed last week, I am still focusing on being more present in my life and hope you have begun to do the same.

I love to watch Super Soul Sunday on Oprah’s OWN network.  For the past several Sundays I’ve been watching the mini series A New Earth with Oprah and Eckhart Tolle.  It’s been really eye opening and I look forward to it every week.

I recently came across this post on Facebook:

This short film clip really made me see the ego in a whole new perspective. The ego, whom lives inside us all, does not define who we truly are. Recognizing this will be so profound for you.  Any time you begin to speak or act out of anger, anxiety or fear, recognize that this is not you—It is your ego and you are not your ego.

As seen on Modern Immortal

As seen on Modern Immortal

In the words of my husband:

4.14.14 ego quote

You truly are not your ego. Your ego exists in the past and in the future and that’s when you allow it to have hold over you.  Learn to be present and watch the ego dip away.

Next week I will delve more into the power of the ego and ways to silence that inner voice that causes you to be anxious, nervous, afraid, etc.

Until next time, have magical moments!

Xoxo 🙂

The POWER of WORRY to Attract What You DON’T Want

4.9.14 Your Worries are Powerful

Have you ever noticed how when you worry about something happening to you, that’s usually what happens? Doesn’t that stink!? And, unfortunately, that’s usually what we notice the most—the things we didn’t want happening, happening—even though we are constantly attracting good circumstances to us all the time too.

Take it from me, “the worry queen,” worry does no good! While I have been a worrier most of my life, I finally learned the hard way how powerful my worrying can affect me…physically.

Getting dressed up club style, platform heels and all, for my best friend’s bachelorette party in NYC, I kept stressing about falling and breaking an ankle or something while wearing my heels; I’m not one to wear heels more than a few times a year and this was one of those occasions. I even stuffed into the pockets of my coat my flip flops, my more usual style of footwear, in case my feet were killing me and I had to change my shoes.

Ass seen on Natalet...

Ass seen on Natalet…

One of the girls that was with us grabbed me by the shoulders as were getting ready to leave for the club and said, “Mar, you are not allowed to stress tonight! You are here to enjoy yourself and that is what you are going to do. Everything is going to be fine!” I thanked her for the reminder that snapped me out of my negative state and ended up having a great time dancing the night away till 5 am…without falling or tripping once.

It wasn’t until we got home that my worry magnet brought my worries to life, like there was a delay in the universe’s delivery system.

While stepping out onto the balcony when we got back to the apartment, with my flip flops on at that point, oddly enough, I fell on the side of my ankle and come to find out the next day, after being encouraged by my husband to go to the ER, that I fractured my ankle in 3 places; my first broken bone ever.

At first I didn’t make the connection between my thoughts only hours prior to my broken ankle and its actual “breaking point,” but once it dawned on me, I realized how powerful my worrying had been in attracting exactly what I was worrying about, exactly what I DIDN’T want to happen!

So, let my painful, drawn out experience be a lesson to you—whatever you focus on, whether it be a positive or negative thing, you will eventually manifest it in your life. It may not be as clear or severe as a broken bone, but the sooner you pay attention to the way you think and feel and act and the way things play out in your life, the sooner you will realize how powerful you truly are. Like any great king or queen, it is important to not abuse your power so don’t let negativity rule your mind, heart and soul because its power can make or “break” you! Haha

Here’s to the power of positive thought attracting happy things into our live

Be Grateful for “Money In” No Matter What Its Form

3.26.14 Money InI adhere to a gluten free diet.  Aside from doing it for health reasons, I’ve come to discover that the elimination of gluten from my diet has improved my mood; I feel less depressed and experience less severe and frequent mood swings—essentially, I am able to control my magnet better and keep it smiling for much long periods of time.

Anyway, my dear friend, and original Magicality Buddy, Rayna, was gluten free for a while but she recently decided it was not the best lifestyle for her to live any longer.

One morning, I woke up to find three large boxes at my doorstep.  Knowing I hadn’t ordered anything, I was confused as to what they were about until my eyes met the letters of Magicality in each one, telling me to enjoy some “Money In,” and saw the gluten free goodies that were being passed on to me by my MB (Magicality Buddy).  It was like gluten free heaven and Christmas all rolled into one; I was so grateful and excited!

As seen on Side Dish...

As seen on Side Dish…

I am sharing this personal story with you because it is an excellent example of “Money In,” as Joe Vitale calls it.  Though it was not in “money” form, this gift had VALUE; not only were all the items expensive to buy, but the gift itself had special meaning—value—for me.

It is an amazing way to recognize things in your life for their value.  Everything has value—the savings coupon or discount, a gift received, the free tickets you win, spending time with loved ones, or even the unexpected help you receive—these all have value and deserve attention and gratitude.

An excellent way to show your gratitude is to reciprocate in some way—“Money Out” for you is “Money In” for someone else.  We are all connected.  There is no vacuum in the system; when you let go of something, maybe money in this case, it will soon be replaced by something else—“Money back in”—in some form.

“Value In” and “Value Out” is always happening and it happens for everyone.  It’s a matter of being aware, noticing, accepting it, showing gratitude and reciprocating.  The moment you let fear enter the equation—fear of letting go of something because of the sense of lack, you immediate prevent the flow of attracting more “value” to you! Believe in abundance!

I am looking forward to surprising Rayna with a gratitude gift in return; I know whatever I send, and whenever it happens, it will be the right time for both of us and it will make both of our Magnets smile!

Here’s to much “Value In” for all of us!

Generosity is the Key to Abundance in Your Life

1.6.14 Hands Giving Heart

The more you give the more you get.  This is a huge part of the law of attraction in manifesting the life that you desire.  As you give more, you will see more unfold in your life for you.

You ask, “What if I don’t have anything to give?”  There is always something that you can find to give, whether it be your money or simply just your time.  There is always someone or a cause less fortunate than yourself that you can help in some way.

As seen on Restore Church

As seen on  Restore Church

I know giving when it seems that you don’t have much may scare you, but believe in this aspect of the law of attraction and watch your world change. 

I used to think that I would wait until a certain time or pay day to give.  Sometimes I would be asked to donate to certain charities or causes and it would not give me a good feeling.  The reason for this was because during that time in my life I was not living a life of Magicality.

I was not in align with the wonderful universe and therefore I couldn’t grasp the notion of giving, especially because I didn’t have much in my life at that time.

Then when I discovered what the law of attraction was and the concept of giving, it opened my eyes and changed my world.  Now I give.  I give my time to those in need and I donate money to causes that mean a lot to me.

Now giving has become second nature and the feeling I get for it is truly amazing.  When you give, it makes you feel INCREDIBLE!  It makes you feel alive.  And when you feel so incredible, guess what?  You are sending out signals to the universe to present you with more opportunities to feel incredible about!!!

Ultimately, by giving, you are starting an amazing cycle in your life that will continue on and on and on.  The more you give, the more you receive.  It is simple as that.

Don’t give just because a book or a blog (like this one) recommends you to do so.  Really believe in the cause of your time or money.  This should become a passion of yours and should fill you with joy and excitement.  Really invest in what you’re investing in.

It really is a spectacular thing.  You will see doors open for you where there was once only walls, as the famous quote goes.  Your world will change and so will the way you feel about giving.

As seen on The God Article

As seen on The God Article

Please share your experiences with us by commenting below.  We’d love to hear how giving has changed your life!

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!

With Love xoxo 🙂

Money Grows on Trees: Using the Law of Attraction for Abundance

10.28.13 Money grows on trees

When you were growing up did your parents ever use the term, “Money doesn’t grow on Trees”?  If you did, you have been conditioned like so many of us to believe that money is hard to come by.  You may think that you have to bust your butt and work so very hard to have money.

Because of this belief, you will always attract that into your life. 

What if when you were a little kid your parents told you, “Money DOES grow on trees!”  How do you think your life would be right now?  What would your belief about money be and how would that affect your relationship with money?

Now money doesn’t really physically grow on trees, but proverbially it does!  If you believe that money comes easily and frequently than guess what?  It will always come easily and frequently!

Do you have any friends that always seem to have all that they want?  They are always getting the ‘new’ electronics or going on the best vacations?  They may have bills but never stress about paying them?  These people have the belief that money grows on trees! 

They know something so magnificent—That there will always be more than enough money.  Money comes in and goes out and that is the cycle.  They believe that money will always be around and they don’t stress when things get tight.

As seen on Red-Vertice.Com

As seen on Red-Vertice.Com

If you stress about money and have a belief that there’s not enough, then there will never be enough.  Change the way you think about money and change your world.

When things do get tight (because they will) don’t panic.  Just have faith in the universe that there will be enough.  When you panic and stress about it, you send out signals into the universe that you have a feeling of lack about money and unfortunately that will present you with situations for you to feel a lack of money for. 

Sometimes I start to have my old feelings of money creep in and it starts to turn my Magicality Magnet upside down!  This gives me a reminder that I have to start thinking positive about money again and as I am grateful for all the money and abundance I already have in my life and believe that money is always on its way, my magnet turns right back up.  And then I know that the universe is working to get me abundance!

Recognize the moments in your life that your Money Magnet is facing down.  Use this as a tool to focus on all that you do have and believe in yourself and your ability to attract more than enough into your life.  Flip your magnet to positive and start attracting all the positive things life has to offer for you, including a flow of abundance and money that will come into your life.  Just believe and have faith.

Choose to consciously change your thoughts about money and watch your world change.

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!

With Love xoxo 🙂