Let Your Positive Energy Attract More Positive People & Circumstances

12.30.13 Positive Attraction

Did you ever notice that you could be in a fabulous mood and then your significant other, family member or closest friend comes around you and they are in the worst mood ever?

Their attitude wreaks of negativity and everything that comes out of their mouth makes you cringe?  You know that their mood is all about them, but for some reason you start feeding off of their negative emotions.

When they are in a bad mood, you start finding yourself in a bad mood?

As seen on DeviantArt

As seen on DeviantArt

Remember, this is the law of attraction at work because like attracts like.  Don’t allow their energy to bring you down.  Focus on doing the opposite by using your wonderful mood and positive energy to bring them up!

Continue to be positive, no matter how negative they can get.  Stay positive and see how you can change their mood.  And sometimes, that just doesn’t work.

In those instances, remove yourself from the situation.  Go get up and do something else.  If you are on a phone call, end the conversation.

As seen on MSPFA

As seen on MSPFA

Then when they are ready to be positively influenced by you, you will notice them come around.  They may come to the room you are in or you may get a phone call back.

I often notice this happens with my husband.  He can be in a foul mood and no matter how good I feel, his negativity resonates with me.  I feel it inside of me.

Now that I have recognized this (and recognition is the first step to change) I can use my steps above.  First I try to get him more upbeat and positive to reflect my mood.  If that doesn’t work, I then remove myself from the situation.

As seen on IZ Quotes

As seen on IZ Quotes

I go to another room and write or read or maybe watch some TV.  And, like clockwork, shortly thereafter he is with me again but now in a better mood.

It would be easy to fall into the negativity trap and join their pity party.  But now that you recognize your positive vibes are far more powerful, you can use them to control your feelings and how you will react to any situation.

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!

With Love xoxo 🙂

Magicality Moment #13: Inspired Thoughts are Signs of Magicality

12.26.13 girl thinking with bubble


Sometimes you will have a thought that just pops into your head out of nowhere. This is considered an inspired thought. You put all of these thoughts out into the universe of what you want your life to be, so pay attention to these inspired thoughts.

You want to focus more on these thoughts because it will lead you to taking inspired action and ultimately attract what you want to you.
Opportunities are always all around you—be aware—and follow the yellow-brick-Magicality road…it will always keep you on the best path.

Changing Your Words to Attract Your Best Life

12.23.13 Green Light

“I Always…!”

Do you find yourself using this statement?  For example, do you find yourself saying things like, “I always get stuck in traffic”, “I always get all the red lights” or “This always happens!”

When you say these type of statements, you are creating a pattern in your life, whether you realize it or not.  Because you say “always”, the universe will seek to make that happen for you every time to no avail.

So I challenge you today to start recognizing when you say these statements.  The moment those words either come out of your mouth or enter into your thoughts, I want you to immediately make the statement a past tense.

You will now consciously say, “I used to get stuck in traffic”, “I used to get all of the red lights” or “This used to happen!” 

As seen on Forbes

As seen on Forbes

After making these past-tense statements, you cancel out your old mantra.  You can now replace them with a positive ‘always’ statement to create a life that you would find more pleasurable.

Your new ‘always’ statements can sound like, “I always have a smooth, easy ride”, “I always get green lights” or “I always have this positive thing happen!”

When I first started doing this, the traffic or the red lights or whatever I was ‘alwaysing’ about didn’t go away right away.  My belief was so deep and engrained in my subconscious, that it took some practice and effort on my part to start getting the smooth rides and green lights.

As seen on The Talent Notes

As seen on The Talent Notes

You may have to put some effort into this also, but I promise you it will be worth it.  Keep repeating this process until your old belief system is now recreated to a positive belief system.  You will see your world begin to change and things get so much easier for you.

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!

With Love xoxo 🙂

Magicality Moment #12: Tests Are Everywhere

12.19.13 Woman THinking


Just like in school, life is filled with tests of Magicality. When you are learning anything in a school setting, the teacher will give you tests to make sure that you are progressing.  Just like in school, life will throw you many tests.  Consider these tests of your faith.

A lot of time, these appear in the form of what seems to be ‘negative’ events or circumstances.

Do you still believe that positive things will happen? Do you believe that your positive thoughts and intentions will get you what you truly want?  Then trust in Magicality and believe that what seems to be ‘negative’ will somehow turn out being positive.

Realize that when this perceived not good thing happens that it is just a test of your faith.  Pass the test by having faith in the universe that your positive intentions will be what your life becomes.

Attract Compliments and Accept Them With Positivity

12.18.13 Compliments

If you are like me, it always makes me feel good when I receive a compliment—my hair looks great, I look like I lost weight, that color brings out the color of my eyes, etc.

Recently, I’ve become aware that whenever I receive a compliment, I have trouble just accepting it; unfortunately, I always say thank you and then I usually go and negate the positive remark with a negatively charged comment.

For example, someone recently complimented me on my hair, telling me that they loved my curls.  While I was appreciative of the comment, and thanked the person, I didn’t leave it at that.  I began to explain how the weather was making it kind of frizzy that day and how I really needed to get my color done because my roots are so long.  Essentially, I went and totally ruined the comment with all my negative retorts.

But, I am not going to get down on myself for being negative when I receive a compliment.  Instead, I am going to be appreciative of the fact that I became aware, on my own, of the way I was handling compliments and that I am now making a conscious effort to be grateful for the comment and simply say, “thank you for the compliment,” and leave it at that; I am not going to allow that sabotaging negative voice in my head push its way through and out my mouth.

By receiving the compliments you get with warmth and positivity, your energy expresses to the Universe that you enjoy receiving compliments and your positivity will attract more circumstances, a.k.a compliments, to keep this positive cycle flowing.

So, the next time someone compliments you, be aware of your reaction.  Did you follow your thank you with a negative response?  Did you say thank you but then think the negative response only to yourself, which equals the same thing as saying it out loud.  Or were you just grateful for the compliment and let the positive energy wash over you? Your reaction will determine whether compliments flow freely to you, or slip-slide away.

I’m proud of your wonderful acceptance-of-compliment skills! Keep up the good work! (wink)

WANTED: The Law of Attraction Killer!

12.16.13 Blank Newspaper


NEGATIVITY is the Single Biggest KILLER of attracting and manifesting using the law of attraction.

Today, a team of scientists have discovered a CURE to this ILL-FATED Killer of the Law of Attraction and we have that cure just for you!  Don’t let negativity kill your dreams!  Get the CURE today!

The cure is known as LOVE!  Love everything in your life and everything that comes in your life. 

Love your family.  Love your friends.  Love the universe.  Love your job.  Love your health.  Love your abundance.  Love your wealth.  Love your home.  Love your body.  Love yourself.  Love nature.  Love the air you breathe.  LOVE!! Spread your love and watch the negativity disappear.

12.16.13 love

Ok, ok, so there really wasn’t a team of scientists (but there could have been!)  But love will absolutely cure your negativity disease.  I know how easy it is to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life where its just too simple to fall into the negative trap.

That is why you have to remember to love.  Love with also bring feelings of gratitude when you use it and open the doors for you to attract anything your heart desires.

Any time I allow negativity to consume my thoughts, I don’t feel good.  When I don’t feel good, I attract more things in my life to feel not good about.  This is when I recognize that my Magicality Magnet is facing down and I start to fill myself up with good thoughts.

If those good thoughts can’t help me, I do something that will change my mood and mind.  If that still doesn’t help, I confront my negative emotions and thoughts to see what I need to learn from them.

As seen on Behance

As seen on Behance

I get myself back to positive and flip my magnet UP so it smiles at me and makes me smile at the world.  You should work on doing the same at any moment you aren’t feeling good.

Don’t let the Negativity kill all of your hard work in using the law of attraction to manifest and attract abundance into your life.

Just love.

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!

With Love xoxo 🙂