Of Course We Still Love You…and Magicality, too!

Dearest followers of Tales of Magicality,

You may be wondering why there haven’t been any posts, other than inspirational quotes, for the past couple of weeks.  We feel we owe you an explanation and would like to share with you why that is.

After much contemplation and discussion, Rayna and I have decided to take a hiatus from our Tales of Magicality blog in order to complete our novel (a project we had started over a year before launching our Tales of Magicality website and blog).

We plan to definitely return to sharing our personal Tales of Magicality with you on this blog, offering inspiration and hope along your Magicality-filled, Law of Attraction journey but for now, we were recently presented with a Sign of Magicality that spoke to us, imploring us to finish our book, and being we do our best to live lives “practicing what we preach” here on Tales of Magicality, we had to follow this sign and take advantage of this opportunity now.  When you are living in the present, you have to act in the present moment and that is what we are doing.

So, not only will we be back with many more tales of our own signs of Magicality that we are sure to experience during our hiatus, but we plan to have a completed, published book for you to explore and enjoy as well!  Isn’t that awesome!?

We hope you can understand why we have made this decision–it wasn’t an easy one–and forgive us for having to take this break; we don’t mean to let you down in any way.  But, check in occasionally because we hope to post when we can, when Magicality and inspiration strike!

Remember, timing is everything.  Following ones dream does not mean that you are leaving everything else behind forever.  We will be back!

Best wishes to you all and we hope to reunite with you all sooner than later!

Here’s to many wonderful Signs of Magicality in all of our lives and all having the faith to follow them!

With love,

Rayna and Mary

Living Life in the Now


Happy Monday wonderful readers!! With the hustle and bustle of Easter weekend, it wasn’t easy for me to stay present. How have you been holding up with living in the now?

Do you ever find yourself saying things like:

“I can’t wait for the weekend”
“I can’t wait for my vacation”
“I can’t wait for the holidays”
“I can’t wait…insert any slew of options here”

I’ve realized anytime that I say the words “I can’t wait…“, that I am no longer present. You can’t possibly be living in the now if you’re always waiting for the next moment to happen.

So this weekend was super busy and I found myself getting a bad migraine and then next thing I know I was can’t waiting the weekend away! Have you ever fell victim of a similar circumstance?


Up until now, I never realized I was wishing my life away and that I wasn’t experiencing the true happiness that each moment presents itself. Right now decide to be happy. Decide to be present so that every moment is one that you look forward to.

This makes me think of the movie Click with Adam Sandler (spoiler alert)…

If you’ve seen the movie, you know he basically can’t wait to get to every next stage in his life, that he goes his whole life on cruise control never really experiencing any joy or happiness. He misses out on every milestone and happy moment and then his life is over.

When you aren’t present and living in the now you are essentially using the remote control of your life to stay on autopilot. You’re life is passing by and you aren’t really experiencing the joy it truly brings.

Just like in the movie, Adam Sandlars character gets a second chance at life to live without the remote. This is YOUR second chance. Right NOW. Choose to take it.

Be present. Watch your life be overwhelmed with joy!

Until next time, make magical moments! Xoxo 🙂

Law of Attraction Challenge #14: Practice Forgiveness


This week you should practice forgiveness. The only person hurting from holding grudges is the holder of the grudge–YOU!

The above image explains how to detach from your ego to end an argument. This is a great reminder on the first step to forgiveness.

Forgiveness can also be to forgive yourself
for something you may be still holding onto. Forgive yourself so you can move on.

Decide what may be impeding your happiness and work this week towards the goal of all encompassing forgiveness. Not an easy task but I have faith in You to do it!

Until next time, have magical moments! Xoxo 🙂