Instead of Fear Leading You, Follow a Life of Faith

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Fear gives us what we don’t want and faith gives us what we do want in life. But often, we are driven by fear. That is a huge component of why we don’t get what we think we are asking for in our thoughts.

Maybe you have a business venture you want to go after but you’re afraid of leaving your current job. Maybe you want to take a class but are afraid of failure. Maybe you want to skydive but are afraid of your parachute not opening. Whatever the case may be for you…fear is holding you back.

So how do you push fear aside??

Great question! The only true way to do so is with Faith. Faith opens up doors for you where there was once only walls. Faith will move mountains to make things happen. Faith is your answer!


As seen on Bubblews

As seen on Bubblews

I just watched the movie Jobs about the life of Steve Jobs. He always had undeniable faith. Faith in himself and faith in the products he created. He knew that Apple would be a success. He didn’t love a fear-led life. He led a faith-led life.

Start believing in the universe fully and whole-heatedly. Know that when you ask for something that you will receive it. Know that fear is ego-driven and made up completely. For the most part, it is irrational thoughts.

If fear weren’t irrational, why would the #1 fear be public speaking?

Embrace your faith today and watch as your world begins to change. You’ll begin to do things that fear once held you back from doing. And it will be Amazing!! Trust that.

Trust the universe and most importantly trust in yourself.

Until next time, have magical moments! 🙂 xoxo

Law of Attraction Challenge #13: Don’t Gossip One Day This Week

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This weeks challenge may sound easier than it really is.  Do you pay attention when you or someone you care about begins to gossip in your presence?  Do you yourself spread gossip?  When you partake in the act of gossiping, you could potentially be drawing into your life negativity without even being aware.

So this week we challenge you to not partake in any gossiping any day–at all!  You will surprised at how many opportunities exist to allow gossip to enter your life.

We wish you luck with this challenge and please share your experiences below!

Until next time, have magical moments!! 🙂 xoxo

Be Grateful for “Money In” No Matter What Its Form

3.26.14 Money InI adhere to a gluten free diet.  Aside from doing it for health reasons, I’ve come to discover that the elimination of gluten from my diet has improved my mood; I feel less depressed and experience less severe and frequent mood swings—essentially, I am able to control my magnet better and keep it smiling for much long periods of time.

Anyway, my dear friend, and original Magicality Buddy, Rayna, was gluten free for a while but she recently decided it was not the best lifestyle for her to live any longer.

One morning, I woke up to find three large boxes at my doorstep.  Knowing I hadn’t ordered anything, I was confused as to what they were about until my eyes met the letters of Magicality in each one, telling me to enjoy some “Money In,” and saw the gluten free goodies that were being passed on to me by my MB (Magicality Buddy).  It was like gluten free heaven and Christmas all rolled into one; I was so grateful and excited!

As seen on Side Dish...

As seen on Side Dish…

I am sharing this personal story with you because it is an excellent example of “Money In,” as Joe Vitale calls it.  Though it was not in “money” form, this gift had VALUE; not only were all the items expensive to buy, but the gift itself had special meaning—value—for me.

It is an amazing way to recognize things in your life for their value.  Everything has value—the savings coupon or discount, a gift received, the free tickets you win, spending time with loved ones, or even the unexpected help you receive—these all have value and deserve attention and gratitude.

An excellent way to show your gratitude is to reciprocate in some way—“Money Out” for you is “Money In” for someone else.  We are all connected.  There is no vacuum in the system; when you let go of something, maybe money in this case, it will soon be replaced by something else—“Money back in”—in some form.

“Value In” and “Value Out” is always happening and it happens for everyone.  It’s a matter of being aware, noticing, accepting it, showing gratitude and reciprocating.  The moment you let fear enter the equation—fear of letting go of something because of the sense of lack, you immediate prevent the flow of attracting more “value” to you! Believe in abundance!

I am looking forward to surprising Rayna with a gratitude gift in return; I know whatever I send, and whenever it happens, it will be the right time for both of us and it will make both of our Magnets smile!

Here’s to much “Value In” for all of us!

The Words That Follow “I Am” Shape Your Life

3.24.14 Hello I Am Blank

The words that follow “I Am” are very important.  Last year I read an amazing life changing book called Wishes Fulfilled by Wayne Dyer. While reading this book, it was the first time I discovered the “I Am” statement.

But almost instantly as I read these words, I began to see and read about them everywhere else. From church, to other authors, Deepak Chopra, Oprah, mediations…pretty much everywhere.

Because or this, I knew there was a lot of power behind them. Whatever words you say after them shapes your reality.

“I Am”….

Add positive words after this statement and watch the world change for you.


Conversely, add negative words and see how this can shape your world in not such a bright way:

“I Am”…
A loser
Not good enough

Have you ever caught yourself saying any of these negative statements? Pay attention to what words you are using after the statement “I Am”. It will open up your eyes to see what you are unknowingly putting out there into the universe.

Now for some Magicality homework! Get out your favorite writing device and write “I Am” at the top. Then jot down statements that follow these words that will shape your life the way you’ve always envisioned it.

Then everyday when you wake up say your “I Am” statements. And everyday when you go to bed, right before sleep, say your “I Am” statements. Then as the days progress and you feel more comfortable saying them, start envisioning yourself as you say them.

Your world will change. Just believe.

Until next time, have magical moments! 🙂 xoxo

Law of Attraction Challenge #12: Connect With a Magicality Buddy This Week

3.20.14 Virtual People

This weeks challenge is to connect with a Magicality Buddy!  The Law of Attraction is a great tool to create the life of your dreams but sometimes you need help in seeing things that you currently can’t see.  Sometimes it is easier using the law when you have a friend who can help you out in harnessing your power.

That is why having a Magicality Buddy can really help you on your journey. By having someone or several buddies to bounce your thoughts and ideas about life onto, they can help you change words or habits that may be holding you back.

So grab a like-minded friend who believes or perhaps connect with someone on our site here, and begin manifesting with love and friendships backing you up.  You will notice that your buddy can really help you and that when you help your buddy, your life will be filled with gratitude–attracting more things for you to be grateful for.

Good luck with your challenge & Happy Manifesting!

Until next time, have magical moments!! 🙂 xoxo


Attracting Your Purpose to You…

3.19.14 Purposeful StepsSince I was a teenager, I was consumed by the desire to “find myself;” I just wanted to know what my purpose was, and still do.  Are you like this too?  Do you agonize over decisions in your life because you are not sure whether to follow that “inner voice,” the one that is driven by your heart, or the logical critic, the one that makes “the most sense” in many ways but isn’t necessarily aligned with your purpose.

I’ve been experiencing this duality in my life a lot lately—run-ins with my heart and my mind—and I’ve been feeling as if the life decisions that I will possibility be faced with in the coming months will determine the rest of my life and it has been scaring me tremendously.

Ironically, I recently picked up a journal that on the front says, “Live your Dream, Discover your Purpose”—a Sign of Magicality?  Quite possibly.  This is what I wrote in this same journal when an inspired thought floated into my head as I laid down to sleep:

“Every step in life is a purposeful step in the right direction.  All things are connected—every move you make, every decision.  And although it can be hard to believe things will work out, they will.  It might not be in the order you expect or include the steps you figured on but you will always be brought to where you should be.

Don’t fret about all the possible challenges you could face ahead, or stress about things working out how you hope.  Have faith in the decisions you make, as you make them, because they make you who you are.

Nothing is for naught.  Everything has a purpose.  If something isn’t forever it is because it wasn’t meant to be forever.  Let that fact stand.  It is okay.  Just ride the wave to the next place you are meant to go, enjoy it while it lasts and then allow yourself to move on when the time comes; allow yourself to evolve, to grow, to learn, to experience and teach!

We all have something to share and where you are in each moment of your life, and what you know at that time, is exactly what is meant to be.

So believe in the purpose of everything.  Be aware and follow the Signs of Magicality as they present themselves to you.  Allow things to unfold on their own, without feeling the need to be in control of every aspect of everything, all the time.  Have faith in the divine within you, guiding you down the correct paths and offering you signs to follow.

I hope these words can bring you the comfort they brought me, and help you feel less trapped by your decisions.

Here’s to finding joy and gratitude in every one of your purposeful steps!

Although Sometimes Not Easy, You Can & Will Get Through

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Last week I discussed some struggles that recently happened for me in my life. Today I wanted to share a more specific story with you. Before I gave birth I had planned on breastfeeding my little one until he was a year old. I had it all planned.

In my head, it wouldn’t hurt as badly as people said it would. In my head, I would be a natural at it. In my head, it would come so easily. Notice…these were all things in my head.

As seen on Art-Spire

As seen on Art-Spire

I guess deep down subconsciously I didn’t believe these surface thoughts I had floating in my head, because from the moment he was born none of those things were true.

It was a bit painful, unnatural and not at all easy.

But I decided to ignore these feelings and persevere. The lactation consultant at the hospital was super nice and showed me a football position that I would continue on doing for the next several weeks by myself.

Then at my 2 week checkup with my pediatrician, he told us although our son was perfectly healthy (thank God!), he hadn’t reached his original birth weight (apparently babies lose a bunch of weight within days after being born). So the Dr basically said we had to go to a lactation support group to test out my milk supply.

This happened to be the week of Thanksgiving and really felt so devastating. So to get our baby ready and go to the support group, it ended up taking several hours. While there, I was taught better latching and holding techniques, which I was truly grateful for. But to my dismay, I was put on a very demanding feeding and pumping schedule.

In addition I was told to take fenugreek and blessed thistle to help increase my supply.  Then I had to attend a few more of these packed filled sessions that took hours from our day for those several weeks.

At so many points I wanted to give up.  Especially when my pump broke (yes that happened twice) and when the blessed thistle made me violently ill amongst a million other reasons. But I knew deep down that I had the universe–God on my side. I kept telling myself that I would get through this and that my baby would gain weight.

So sure enough at his 1 month checkup the Dr was very pleased with his weight gain and told us to keep doing what we were doing.

So I went home and decided to listen to inspiration–and I stopped pumping and started feeding my boy when he “asked” for it. He ate–a lot! This became very demanding as well but I held on for the ride.

I swore at 2 months that I would switch to formula but I wanted to prove I could sustain my son and help him increase his weight. Sure enough at his 2 month checkup he was thriving!  And something told me to keep at it.  So I listened to inspiration and kept nursing my son.

So now 2 months later I am still exclusively nursing and some days I toy with idea of switching to formula.

I’m not sure how long I will be able to last but I take it day by day. I removed the set time frames of “1 year” from myself and just go with the flow, as wavy as the flow may be at times.

As seen on Hayley Hobson

As seen on Hayley Hobson

Life will throw you curve balls and the unexpected. You may think you have it all figured out, but something in your subconscious comes to life and sends you for a loop.

Know that the universe will send you inspiration.  You just have to be open to receiving it.  Remember to listen.

Until next time, have magical moments! 🙂 xoxo


P.S.  For those of you celebrating, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! May you experience the luck of the Irish! 😉

Law of Attraction Challenge #11: Harnessing Your Inner Idol

3.13.14 Spirtitual Person

Today I wanted to talk to you about harnessing the power of someone else to achieve your goals.

My friends and I were talking one day about what qualities we love about each other but didn’t currently possess in our own lives. For example, one of my friends keeps and maintains a very clean home. So she explained to us how she does it and went step by step.

So to emulate what she does in her life and have that translate into my own life, I harnessed my “inner Rachel”. It didn’t happen overnight by any means, but as I practiced my inner Rachel, I noticed that maintaining my clean home got easier and easier. It wasn’t something that was innate for me, but it was something that I was able to harness and embrace.

So I challenge you to harness an “inner someone”. It could be a friend you admire or someone famous. For example, if you like the way Steve Jobs went after his vision, harness your inner Jobs. Or if you like how peaceful Deepak Chopra is, harness your inner Chopra.  If it is a friend, ask them to explain what it is that you admire and how to achieve that.  If it is someone you don’t know, study them and immerse yourself in how they accomplish what they do.

Pick a trait you admire from someone and start harnessing that person as you incorporate their attitude and way of doing things in your life. You will see how much easier it gets as you practice your harnessing.

Take this week to harness your inner idol!

Until next time, have magical moments! 🙂 xoxo