Your Magicality Magnet

Magicality Magnet

Everyone, including you, has a Magicality Magnet.  This magnet points up or down (or somewhere in between) depending on your thoughts and emotions.  Your magnet feeds off of your thoughts and emotions and seeks to get exactly what you are feeding it.

Positive thoughts and emotions will seek to bring to you positive circumstances.  Conversely, negative thoughts and emotions will seek to bring you negative circumstances.  By being aware of the direction of your magnet, you can aid in the process of law of attraction to bring to you only those positive things that you desire.

The direction of your “magnet” will be evident when you become aware of your physical world and your emotional, mental and spiritual state of being.

Facing Up
When you think positive thoughts your magnet instinctively faces up.  By being aware of your thoughts you can instruct your magnet to face up. When your magnet is facing up it seeks to attract more of those positive thoughts to you.

Think of an Up Magnet as a Smile. When you smile, you attract happiness and positive events and circumstances into your life.

Facing Down
Conversely, when you think negative thoughts, your magnet automatically faces down.  Again, you always have the power to instruct your magnet based on your thoughts so be aware of any negative thoughts that enter your mind.  When your magnet is facing down it seeks to attract those negative thoughts to you.

Think of a Down Magnet as a Frown. When you frown, you attract sadness and negative events and circumstances into your life. Monitor your negative feelings so that you can switch your magnet back up (see monitoring your feelings).

“Flip Your Magnet”


A magnet flipped that looks like an “n” will let positive feelings and events fall away from you and let negative things get stuck in there and keep happening…


You can flip your magnet at ANY TIME!

When you catch yourself falling into a bad mood, remind yourself, “I need to flip my magnet!”  Negative circumstances are a sign you need to flip your magnet!

Doors will open when you push away the curtains of negativity


A magnet flipped so it looks like a “u” is going to attract positive feelings, situations, people and circumstances and will fill up with those good things. When your magnet is flipped this way, it means that you are in a positive state.  Keep your magnet flipped this way and good things will keep flowing your way!

Alter your perception—there is Magicality in everything “good and bad”!

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