Magicality Moment #5: The Power of Emotions

10.31.13 Girl Stressed out

Emotions are truly a powerful force, especially when dealing with the law of attraction. Emotion is the energy that feeds the universe with instructions on what your desires are.

Emotions feed your magnet to attract to you whatever you are thinking at a much quicker rate. If you just have a thought alone without emotion attached, it will feel like it took longer to come to you.

When you attach feelings and emotion to your thought, your magnet will grow.  When a magnet is bigger, it attracts anything to it much quicker.
Pay attention to what emotions you are attaching to your thoughts.

Living the Law of Attraction…Magicality Magnet Style

10.30.13 Smiling Magnet

A very important component of Magicality is your Magicality Magnet. Your magnet has been with you ever since you were a baby, yet few of us realize it till much later in life, if at all.

If you are here reading this blog, you should consider yourself special since you essentially have a leg up in living a law of attraction lifestyle if you recognize, and respect, the power and potential your Magicality Magnet has in helping you manifest the life you want.

The relationship you have with your Magicality Magnet is cyclical; your magnet feeds off of and follows in the direction of your thoughts, actions and emotions while, at the same time, when you examine your thoughts, actions and emotions, you will get a clear indication of which direction your magnet is facing and whether it needs to be adjusted or not.

It’s “like attracts like”, so think happy, attract more happy; think angry, get more angry reflected back.

Negativity Magnet Cycle

And here’s the GREAT NEWS!  You have total control over your magnet just by controlling your thoughts!  Let me say that again, when you know your magnet must be facing down because you are obviously in a shitty mood, you can choose, right then and there, to flip it over so it is smiling again!

Positivity Magnet Cycle

Now, I know you are probably thinking, “I can’t just ‘change’ my mood so quickly like that? This sounds impossible!”  I know it may sound difficult, and believe me, less than 5 years ago, I would have totally scoffed at this advice myself. (I never bought into the whole, “put a smile on your face and it will make you feel better;” I looked at it as, “If I’m in a bad mood, I’m not going to cover it up with a fake smile.”)

But, in actuality, you aren’t faking anything—you are CHOOSING to change your thought patterns and there is nothing fake about that.  And, if I am able to snap myself out of a bad mood within minutes or hours, as apposed to days or months, like years ago, so can you!

10.30.13 Which way is my magnet facing right now_edited-1

The key is remembering to be aware and ask yourself, “Which way is my magnet facing right now?” and flip accordingly.  You’ll be surprised how much easier it is to do than you think.  That’s what makes Magicality so magical!

Please share with us your Magicality Magnet flipping experiences; we would love to hear them!

Until next time, happy flipping!

Money Grows on Trees: Using the Law of Attraction for Abundance

10.28.13 Money grows on trees

When you were growing up did your parents ever use the term, “Money doesn’t grow on Trees”?  If you did, you have been conditioned like so many of us to believe that money is hard to come by.  You may think that you have to bust your butt and work so very hard to have money.

Because of this belief, you will always attract that into your life. 

What if when you were a little kid your parents told you, “Money DOES grow on trees!”  How do you think your life would be right now?  What would your belief about money be and how would that affect your relationship with money?

Now money doesn’t really physically grow on trees, but proverbially it does!  If you believe that money comes easily and frequently than guess what?  It will always come easily and frequently!

Do you have any friends that always seem to have all that they want?  They are always getting the ‘new’ electronics or going on the best vacations?  They may have bills but never stress about paying them?  These people have the belief that money grows on trees! 

They know something so magnificent—That there will always be more than enough money.  Money comes in and goes out and that is the cycle.  They believe that money will always be around and they don’t stress when things get tight.

As seen on Red-Vertice.Com

As seen on Red-Vertice.Com

If you stress about money and have a belief that there’s not enough, then there will never be enough.  Change the way you think about money and change your world.

When things do get tight (because they will) don’t panic.  Just have faith in the universe that there will be enough.  When you panic and stress about it, you send out signals into the universe that you have a feeling of lack about money and unfortunately that will present you with situations for you to feel a lack of money for. 

Sometimes I start to have my old feelings of money creep in and it starts to turn my Magicality Magnet upside down!  This gives me a reminder that I have to start thinking positive about money again and as I am grateful for all the money and abundance I already have in my life and believe that money is always on its way, my magnet turns right back up.  And then I know that the universe is working to get me abundance!

Recognize the moments in your life that your Money Magnet is facing down.  Use this as a tool to focus on all that you do have and believe in yourself and your ability to attract more than enough into your life.  Flip your magnet to positive and start attracting all the positive things life has to offer for you, including a flow of abundance and money that will come into your life.  Just believe and have faith.

Choose to consciously change your thoughts about money and watch your world change.

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!

With Love xoxo 🙂

Magicality Moment #4: Love is All You Need

10.24.13 Love is all you need

This great quote was once said by a famous Beatle, but it is something that Is truly powerful.

Love is the emotion that can allow anything and everything to enter your life.  If you fill yourself up with love you don’t allow room for anything else.

Make love your only option when thinking about yourself and about others.  Send out love to everyone that crosses your path and watch as your life becomes filled with love.  Then see how you are able to attract amazing things to you.  Love is really all you need.

Coupons and the Law of Attraction

10.23.13 Manifesting Coupons

Have you ever gotten a coupon in the mail for a store you were planning on spending a lot of money in soon or for a restaurant that you had a date night reservation already set up for?  Don’t brush aside those coincidences—they are signs of Magicality and they are meant to be noticed, made use of, and appreciated!

When you set the intention, the universe will grant your wish, whether it be small or large.  Often, it is the small stuff that crosses our paths most frequently. Though those small signs of Magicality can be easily overlooked, refuse to write them off, refuse to talk them down into nothings because they are most definitely somethings!

As seen on the Home Depot

As seen on the Home Depot

When my husband and I bought our first house, we knew we were going to be doing some renovations and would be spending a lot of money at the Home Depot.  Being that we’d had a Home Depot credit card for many years, and it was always in good standing, we would every so often receive promo coupons in the mail: 12 months no interest, 18 months no interest, and, once in a blue moon, 24 months no interest.

We, my husband and I both, set the intention of receiving a 24 months no interest coupon that we could make use of after we closed on the house. My husband, being contractor, set to making a meticulous list of materials so that we could buy everything at once on the promo we knew we would attract.

Low and behold, what should come in the mail a couple weeks before we close on our house, with an expiration date a couple weeks after our closing, but a Home Depot, 24 months, no interest promo coupon!  I was so elated and grateful and at times simply stunned, that I left the coupon out, stuck on a kitchen cabinet door, so that I could be constantly reminded, every time I looked at it, of the power of intention, the power of the law of attraction, and the power of Magicality!

So anytime you get a coupon in the mail for something you like to buy or for somewhere you like to shop, know that it has come into your life for a reason.  You probably called it into being, and the universe abides.

So now that you are aware of this power of yours, test it out, practice a bit at attracting just the right coupon to you.  But awareness is the key because you may get what you are asking for from an unexpected source; the coupon may not come in the mail, it just might be sent home in your child’s folder from the PTA at school…you never know…so keep sharp, act on the opportunities that arise, and stay grateful.

Happy manifesting!

Using Social Media to Attract Positivity into Your Life


Are you a member of any social media websites or applications?  Have a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ or any other type of account?  If you answered yes to any of the above, then you may be setting yourself up for negativity.

One of my guilty pleasures is watching “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” on Bravo.  For some reason, this show captivates me.  One of the things I noticed is that they fight…..A lot!

As seen on PerezHilton.Com

As seen on PerezHilton.Com

A main reason for their fights is actually social media!  They are all members of Twitter and so many people that want to get a rise out of them interact using Twitter to do so.  They are consistently making negative comments and all of the housewives are feeding right into it.

They begin to believe these negative comments and allow it to control their emotions.  They allow the rumors and the rude comments to affect their quality of life.

Does this sound familiar to you?  Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+ feed filled with negativity?  Do you ever let what others say affect your current mood in a bad way?  When this happens, you are opening yourself up to attract more negative things to be unhappy about.

If you want to attract positivity into your life, you need to stop following anyone that consistently posts about negative things.  Block these people from your social media accounts so that you block the negative influencers.

10.21.13 positive magnet

Begin to surround yourself with positivity.  Do this by filling your feeds with positive posts.  Into the Law of Attraction & Magicality?  Start following pages that post all about it.  Anything that will put a smile on your face, should be what you are following.

If you remove the negative and replace it with positive from your Social Media accounts, then your thoughts will be consumed with positivity and that is what you will draw into your life.

My feeds are completely filled only with positive people, groups and businesses.  That way, when I log in I instantly am given a positive vibe for that moment that will lead me for the rest of my day.  Don’t you want to attract more positive to you also?  Start today!

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!

With Love xoxo 🙂



Magicality Moment #3: Attitude of Gratitude

10.17.13 Girl on Hill Gratitude

A way to draw more into your life is to always have an attitude of gratitude.

For everything that you have in your life right now, remember to be grateful for it.  Feel the gratitude radiate throughout your body and truly appreciate all the people, events and circumstances in your life.

Having this type of gratitude will open the door to attract more things into your life to be grateful for.  To take your attitude of gratitude a step further, start journaling at least 5 things that you are grateful for every day.  Maybe try to implement saying grace before eating dinner.  These are ways to appreciate every moment.

Attracting Positivity from Unexpected Places

10.16.13 Happy Lady in Grass

Is there a place that you dread to go to because it always seems to challenge your positivity?  Somewhere that the people all seem to have frowning Magnets and no matter how good you were feeling before you got there, you always seem to have your feel-good-feelings chipped away at instantly by this place and the people there?

For me, this place was Costco on Staten Island, NY (my old hometown).  I would rather cross the bridge and drive to New Jersey to go to Costco than cross the negativity threshold that was the Staten Island Costco parking lot.

Going there meant that I could expect to be surrounded by rude, self-centered people, a crazy parking lot and a fast paced, congested store that even Speedy Gonzales would have trouble navigating.  Are you getting the picture now?  Did a place like this come to mind for you?

As seen on

As seen on

In hindsight, I now realize how I was completely attracting this outcome to myself whenever I decided to go to that Costco.  I would let my Magicality Magnet immediately begin to teeter after making the decision to shop there.  It’s like my thoughts sent the signal to the movie projector worker to change the films from a happy shopping experience to the “I HATE THIS PLACE!” movie, and that’s exactly what I got, every time.

Unfortunately, at the time, I wasn’t as aware of my thoughts and the law of attraction like I am now so I just usually did my best to avoid that Costco.

I am in love with my new hometown; everyone is extremely friendly and, for the most part, do nothing but contribute to raising my, and my family’s, energy vibration.  Because everyone, everywhere, is so great, it really stands out when I go someplace that doesn’t seem to live up to those high standards.

This place in my new hometown would be Shoprite.  It seems that the times I’ve shopped in there, my positive vibes are not reflected back to me when I share a warm smile with someone I pass or speak politely when someone is in my way.  Instead, I get emotionless looks and people ignoring me.  And, oddly enough, my husband shared with me that he had similar experiences the times he had shopped there.  But, today was different.

Today, when I made my list and informed my husband that I would be running to the store, I set the intention of having a wonderful experience at Shoprite and my intentions were met with smiling magnets.

First, someone quickly pulled into a parking spot that I was going to take and when I began to drive by her, she quickly rolled down her window and apologized; her kind gesture put a smile on my face which then landed me a parking spot right in front of the store.  And the trip just got better from there; everyone was friendly, polite and exuded a brighter energy.  I was so happy to come home and update my husband on my wonderful Shoprite experience.

Let my example be a lesson for you to learn from.  Living the Law of Attraction, living Magicality, is an ongoing journey; we all evolve at our own speed.  It took me some time but I got here and so can you!  So set the intention for a good experience the next time you have to go to that place that tests your positivity, keep your spirits high and your Magnet smiling at everyone, and EXPECT something wonderful!

Happy Manifesting!