Of Course We Still Love You…and Magicality, too!

Dearest followers of Tales of Magicality,

You may be wondering why there haven’t been any posts, other than inspirational quotes, for the past couple of weeks.  We feel we owe you an explanation and would like to share with you why that is.

After much contemplation and discussion, Rayna and I have decided to take a hiatus from our Tales of Magicality blog in order to complete our novel (a project we had started over a year before launching our Tales of Magicality website and blog).

We plan to definitely return to sharing our personal Tales of Magicality with you on this blog, offering inspiration and hope along your Magicality-filled, Law of Attraction journey but for now, we were recently presented with a Sign of Magicality that spoke to us, imploring us to finish our book, and being we do our best to live lives “practicing what we preach” here on Tales of Magicality, we had to follow this sign and take advantage of this opportunity now.  When you are living in the present, you have to act in the present moment and that is what we are doing.

So, not only will we be back with many more tales of our own signs of Magicality that we are sure to experience during our hiatus, but we plan to have a completed, published book for you to explore and enjoy as well!  Isn’t that awesome!?

We hope you can understand why we have made this decision–it wasn’t an easy one–and forgive us for having to take this break; we don’t mean to let you down in any way.  But, check in occasionally because we hope to post when we can, when Magicality and inspiration strike!

Remember, timing is everything.  Following ones dream does not mean that you are leaving everything else behind forever.  We will be back!

Best wishes to you all and we hope to reunite with you all sooner than later!

Here’s to many wonderful Signs of Magicality in all of our lives and all having the faith to follow them!

With love,

Rayna and Mary

“When the Student is Ready, the Teacher will Appear”

4.16.14 Teacher will AppearI may have mentioned my ” inspiring quotes board” to you in the past; it started out with the intention of being a vision board but soon was instead covered by positive, law of attraction quotes that brought me cheer and has been that way for 5 years now.

One of the quotes I still have pinned up on this 3′ x 4′ cork board of mine is, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  This quote has special significance for me.  While laying in bed one night a few years ago, letting my eyes dart where ever they may on the board that hung on the wall next to my bed, reading the quotes by the light of my bedside lamp, I came to this particular quote, which I had read numerous times before, but found it to suddenly have a completely new meaning to me.

I’ll never forget it because reading this quote that time actually made me stop in my tracks and perked my head up, physically and mentally.

While I had always interpreted myself as the student waiting for guidance from someone who would have something to teach me along my life path, this time when I read the quote I realized I was both the student AND the teacher.

As seen on Quote Pixel...

As seen on Quote Pixel…

I have always loved school and I enjoy being a student learning from those who have information to share with me, but at that time in my life, I was trying to figure out what I was going to “do with myself,” what career I would pursue, and it was a big decision that was stressing me out.

Reading, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” that night, I felt I was given a sign of Magicality that I should become a teacher, that I WAS a teacher.  I interpreted the quote to mean that when I was ready, the teacher in me would appear to me; I would recognize the teaching profession to be the profession I was meant to enter.

Just thinking about this now gives me chills–it was such an epiphany-type of moment that I will never forget the feelings and thoughts it evoked in me…and still does.

A couple days ago was the first time I have substituted in over a year and it was wonderful. Though there have been many times I have questioned the decision to become a teacher, and been resistant to pursuing a teaching job even with my teacher certification completed, whenever I am working in a school, all those feelings of love and energy fill me up and express to me that I am where I am supposed to be, I should accept it and have faith that it will be better than I hope it will be.

We’ll see where this all takes me–I am still open to the signs of Magicality as they enter my path and open to the information that the “teachers” I meet in my life have to share with me–but for now, I feel more confident and excited about pursuing a full time teaching position.

I am curious to hear what your interpretation was of this quote when you first read it.  Does it mean something different to you?

Here’s to being ready when the right teachers appear in our lives!

Attracting Signs of Gratitude

1.29.14 Signs of GratitudeSo, how’s it been going lately?  Have you been honing your awareness skills?  Have you been able to notice Signs of Magicality in your life since Rayna and I have been guiding you on your Magicality journey the past few months?

Today I had a Sign of Magicality hit me so blindly in the face that I had to sit and immediately write about it so I could share it with you.

We recently invited our neighbors over for dinner; the kids all played together nicely while we hung out, waiting for our prime rib roast to finish cooking.  It was a snow day from school and I figured it would be a great time to make use of the roast I had in the freezer…it would warm my house up having the oven on for hours on this single digit temperature day.

As seen on MS Trust...

As seen on MS Trust…

The evening was great: good food, many laughs, but most of all, good company.  The next day, I texted my neighbor thanking her a nice night and for the desert she brought over.  She thanked me back, saying it was a great meal and an overall awesome night.  My reply was, “We are grateful for awesome neighbors!” In this case, feeling grateful feels like an understatement, we love our neighbors so much.

I have Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret Daily Teachings,” a gift from Rayna, on my nightstand.  Though it is a 365 Day calendar with inspirational pages you can peal off for each day, I have chosen not to tear them out, nor read them in order either.

As seen on Kalahari...

As seen on Kalahari…

Almost every day, I pick it up and open it to a random page…the place that my fingers poke into first is the page I feel I am supposed to read at that moment.

It just so happened that I was passing by this Daily Teachings calendar after I sent that text to my neighbor and decided to see what Rhonda had in store for me that day.

I opened to Day 64, which read, “We can never bring anything to us unless we are grateful for what we have.  In fact, if somebody was completely and utterly grateful for everything, they would never have to ask for anything, because it would be given to them before they even asked.  That is the power of Gratitude.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but I thought that was an amazing example of a Sign of Magicality, a sign of true gratitude!  I had, only moments before, expressed in words, and truly felt in my soul, the gratitude I feel for my wonderful neighbors and then opened to a Daily Teaching that talked about the Power of Gratitude! Amazing!

I hope you enjoy reading about these personal examples of Magicality that I like to share with you.  I hope you are able to use them to make connections to the signs in your life as well so that you can appreciate them and therefore attract more special instances of Magicality into your life!

Here’s to gratitude and attracting more things to be grateful for!

Stay Connected With Your Higher Source & You Will Attract Abundance

1.15.14 Stay ConnectedHave you ever felt that tinge of fear that you don’t have enough?  Not enough money? Not enough free time? Not enough appreciation for all that you do? Just plain out not enough?

As you may well know, abundance is a major aspect of the Law of Attraction—we are all one and therefore it makes no sense to be competitive because essentially we would be competing against ourselves.  There is no need to compete in the first place because there is already enough of everything to go around for us all.  We just have to acknowledge and live by this fact.

Sometimes however, even with our best efforts, for as much as we envision there being enough of whatever it is we desire, that interloper of lack slips into our consciousness.

Recently, I was watching the Disney movie Pocahontas with my daughter and it dawned on me how the Native Americans lived lives very in tune with the Law of Attraction.  They truly understood abundance and gratitude.  (Check out my blog post, The First Thanksgiving…An Authentic Example of the Law of Attraction, for more about this.)

They shared the land with their fellow man and animals; they didn’t claim the land to be their own, like the settlers did; they weren’t in competition with anyone, they just took what they needed and were grateful for what they were able to receive.

The Native Americans of years ago were also more connected with their higher source—to them, it was Mother Nature, to LOA people, it is the Universe…or whatever feels right for you.  This awareness and reverence of their higher source helped them to live spiritual lives, which in turn were filled with more meaning, passion and gratitude.

As seen on Marghanita...

As seen on Marghanita…

We have unfortunately lost this connection with our higher source in today’s society, for the most part, but it can stop with you.

It is up to you to tap into your intuition and be aware of all the signs of Magicality in your life.  It is up to you to choose whether you take advantage of the opportunities that arise in your life.  It is up to you to exude gratitude for the things that make your magnet smile.  And it is up to you to share what you have to offer with your fellow man, whether it be a smile, a dollar, or a helping hand, and erase competition from the equation.

We are all one from the same source.  Live as if you KNOW it is so and abundance will flow to you.

May all that you do bring abundance to us all!

“The Universe is My Name, Fulfilling Orders is My Game”

1.8.14 Check Please

If you’re like most people, we’ve all experienced, at least once in our life, a time when money felt hard to come by, like you were working so hard and it just didn’t seem to be paying off in dollar signs.  When this happens, our faith in the “All Mighty, All Abundant” Universe starts to waver and we start to stress about money…I know I catch it happening to me.

Being new homeowners, the holiday season took its toll on us a bit more this year than usual and that sense of “lack” and “needing money” mindset was starting to wrap its tentacles around my magnet and flip it for the worse.  But, before the Lack Monster was able to really take me down, the Universe went, “And totally redeemed itself!” (In the words of Harry Dunne, in “Dumb and Dumber”)

Unexpectedly, in the mail, I received a rebate check, albeit its small dollar figure, I still took it as a sign of Magicality, that there is money out there for me and that it is coming my way.  And, before I was finished opening all the mail, on that same rebate-check-day, I opened an unexpected card from my grandfather with a $100 money order in it!

I was instantly floored by the situation and my good fortune; I was floored by the power of the Universe to deliver me unexpected gifts when I needed them the most!  And, boy, did that Lack Monster retreat like a vampire on the first signs of daybreak.

This experience couldn’t help but remind me of our Magicality Moment #11: Have Faith At All Times.  I love the analogy that Rayna used; the Universe is a reliable company that you place an order with and it always delivers.

It is so important to be aware of your thoughts and emotions, the energy you are projecting out into the universe, because you will get what you ask for, what you “think” for, what you are “feeling” for.  The shipping time can vary but like the USPS, rain or shine, good or bad, your order will be delivered, without a doubt.  All you need is faith in the end result!

So, get clear about what kind of order you are placing because your order is not necessarily refundable or returnable.  The Universe will fulfill your request whether you like it or not so make your choices carefully and make them really count!

Here’s to checks in the mail! Cha-ching!

Follow the Signs of Magicality to Attract the Life You Didn’t Know You Could Have

12.4.13 Sign of Magicality

Have you even been doing something totally mundane and have a very meaningful realization?  This happened to me recently.  I was brushing my teeth and was suddenly struck with an amazing Magicality epiphany!

Before my son was born, my husband and I were seriously considering moving to Montana.  We were just going to pick up and go and talked about building a little cabin in a random small town.  It was a cool thought but when we found out I was pregnant, that plan quickly changed.

When Bo, our son, was 9 months old, we moved from where we were living in Nevada to New York, to be closer to my family and for Jake to take the test to become a firefighter in the FDNY.  The timing of this move was pivotal because this would be the last test that Jake would be within the age requirements to take and it was a dream of Jake’s to become firefighter.  So that, coupled with the desire to be closer to my family, had us selling everything that couldn’t fit into our two cars and making a cross-country road trip from Nevada to New York City.

It was amazing to see Jake fulfill his dream and graduate Salutatorian from the FDNY Fire Academy after working so hard to achieve his goal.  I was, and still am, insanely proud of him and his accomplishments and know he is fulfilling his life’s purpose.

Although there are many incredible signs of Magicality throughout me and Jake’s ten year journey of being together, the universe really aligned in order to fulfill Jake’s dream and, in the process, provide our family with the most happiness and security.

But, it wasn’t until recently that I was able to see the major source of Magicality in Jake becoming a Firefighter…it was my son!  If we hadn’t have had Bo when we did, we probably wouldn’t have moved to NY in time for Jake to take the test, if we had moved there at all, and Jake would probably not be working his dream job today.

We moved at exactly the right time, exactly when was right for us, by following the signs of Magicality.  There were too many signs pointing us in the direction we needed to go to ignore them.  And, I’m grateful we were both open to experiencing the many changes that came along with following them.

So, you never know where you are going to end up in your life’s journey and who will play a vital role in fulfilling your dreams.  Be open to the possibilities that arise throughout your life because following their lead may just land you on your ultimate life path.

Here’s to much awareness of the signs of Magicality in your life; it’s never too late to notice and be grateful for them!