Getting in Tune With Your Inner Child

Getting in Tune With Your Inner Child

When you were a child, it was very easy for you to play make-believe. Whatever game you played, you acted the part and pretended you were a princess or a fire fighter or whatever your heart desired. You believed in what you were doing and had fun with it.

A lot of Magicality requires you to harness your inner child.  Because you didn’t learn about Magicality when you were little, it may not be easy for you to grasp the concepts explained within. Because of this, it may not be as easy to attract what you truly desire into your life.

If you were a child and I was teaching you how to get everything you wanted in life, you would listen with open ears and harness the power of the universe to attract to yourself everything you want.  Decide today to get in tune with your inner child and start imagining the life of your dreams.

The more emotion and feeling that you give to your imagination in turn will create energy in the universe to bring that to you.  Keep playing make believe and watch your dreams turn into your reality.

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