Magicality Moment #9: Always Believe Something Wonderful is About to Happen

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This is a quote that should guide you everyday.  If you are consistently thinking something bad is going to happen or that you won’t have enough money to pay your bills or that you won’t get a better job, situation or circumstance, than the universe will give you just that.

Decide today that you are going to ALWAYS Believe that something wonderful is about to happen…and guess what?  It will!  Just believe.

The First Thanksgiving…an Authentic Example of the Law of Attraction

11.27.13 Exude Gratitude

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a special day that has often times, unfortunately, been usurped by gluttony, followed by naps, and the dread of relatives you would rather not be stuck with all afternoon. Does this sound familiar? Is this what your Thanksgiving has become? I hope not because the true essence of the holiday has such positive, grateful roots, it is a shame to grow disconnected from them.

When is the last time you’ve thought about the story of the Pilgrims and their first meeting with the Native Americans?  Probably not since you were in elementary school building a diorama about it or creating an Indian headdress.

If you read about the Pilgrims, and the journey they endured and their mindsets throughout it, it is clear their unwavering faith in god (and/or the universe) is how they were able to turn a very distressing situation into a more bearable and eventually historically important experience.

After every “negative” circumstance they were presented with, a positive outcome revealed itself—after rough seas battered their ship to almost destruction, they were able to make repairs because they “happened” to have exactly what they needed; after losing much of their party to death throughout the winter, and the survivors on the verge of starvation, friendly Indians unexpectedly welcomed them and taught them how to cultivate the land.

These were no freak coincidences; it was many people being in the same energy alignment with each other and the universe at the same time.  There was no element of competition involved.  It was blind faith in the Laissez-Faire sense, that got them through, followed by all-encompassing gratitude.

The Pilgrims meeting Squanto, a friendly native who had earlier been captured by the English, thereby eventually learning to speak the English language and understanding the culture, is an amazing example of Magicality itself!  Had it not been for Squanto, and the love that he exuded by teaching the Pilgrims how to live off of the land, the Pilgrims may have been no more.

Abundant in food, abundant in love and appreciation, having the right people in your life at the right time, having faith and not giving up at the sight of negative tides, are the lessons that should be taken away from the First Thanksgiving.

Make Thanksgiving Day your NEW New Year’s Day—don’t wait till January 1st! Make a resolution to be thankful everyday, to not let negativity sink its dirty teeth into you and to share the great things you have to offer with those around you and the rest of the world!

And tomorrow, when you say grace, eyes closed, sitting before your friends and relatives and a table full of food, take a minute to be grateful for that inspiring First Thanksgiving.

Wishing you a Thanksgiving full of all kinds of abundance!

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Using the Law of Attraction to Become an Optimist

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Do you view the glass as half empty?  Then you would describe yourself as a pessimist.  Just because this label currently defines you, you have the power to change!

Yes, a pessimist can change its preverbal stripes, unlike the zebra.  If you are currently labeling yourself as a pessimist, know that you can change.  You need to start having positive affirmations in your life.

When you begin to feel like your pessimist self and start thinking of negative thoughts, use this technique to get on the optimistic positive path.

Right now, think of the happiest time in your life and remember the feelings it gave you.  Imagine right now what that moment was and envision yourself there.

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Think of all the details that made up this moment down to the feelings that you had that day.  Allow this memory to consume you until you feel completely happy, just as you did the first time you lived this scene.

Then, anytime you are feeling negative or bad about a situation invoke this wonderful memory into your consciousness and feel the emotions as if you were reliving that happy time once again.  Think of the moment until you are consumed with that happiness.

This exercise will put you back into a positive energy and help you flip your Magicality Magnet from facing down to facing up.  When you have a magnet that is facing up it seeks to attract positive events and circumstances into your life.

Sometimes, you may give this exercise a go and realize that your bad feelings are too overwhelming for you.  In these instances, you need more than just a happy memory to turn your frequency back up.

Woman Frustrated

Right now think of an activity that you love that makes you feel happy and relaxed.  It could be anything like exercise, running, biking, yoga, painting, playing an instrument, drawing or anything at all that you love doing.

Then when this uber unhappy feeling comes your way that you can’t use your happy memories to turn around, make a conscious decision to do your happy activity.  It will bring your mental state of mind to a positive one and wash away those negative emotions.

Remember these two methods and start practicing them.  The more you practice, the easier it will become.  And before you know it, once pessimist has now turned optimist.

Have faith in yourself.  I sure do!

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!

With Love xoxo 🙂

Magicality Moment #8: The Tools You Have At Your Fingertips

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There are so many tools that you already have at your fingertips to aid you on your Magicality journey.  This website, for one, is a great resource to provide you with insight and inspiration on your path to leading the life of your dreams.

Other tools include tapping, meditation, daily checklists, gratitude journals, vision boards and fully immersing yourself with the law of attraction.

Laissez Faire Lifestyle: An Often Overlooked Aspect of the Law of Attraction

11.20.13 Laissez Faire

Some of you may remember hearing the term “Laissez-Faire” in your high school history and economics classes.  This French term dates back to the 17th century but became more common in English-speaking countries in the late 18th century.  There are many interpretations of its definition.

Economically speaking, the term would mean “leave it be,” and encourages little restrictions by the government on economic transactions between private parties, or a “hands-off” approach.

In the Magicality sense, Laissez-Faire means not interfering with the universe; let it do its job, follow the signs it presents to you and it will lead you on the path you are meant to be on.

As seen on Helpful

As seen on Helpful

Be detached and objective.  Don’t worry about all the possibilities and the “what ifs.”  Don’t try to plan things out too much or try to make things happen.  Have faith in this natural system; let go of worry and let the universe figure it out for you!

By not getting in the way of the universe, and therefore yourself, you are enabling the incredible power of the universe and human potential to be unleashed!  All you need to do is set the intention of what you would like to have, or have happen, and then intervene as little as possible until it is time to act on the opportunities that are presented to you.

And, don’t worry, they will come when the time is right, but you must be aware of them!  It may be in an unexpected way, because the universe loves to test our intuitive abilities and make sure our senses are tuned into everything around us, but everything we hope will happen, will happen!

Follow the signs of Magicality because they will never steer you wrong!

Peace, and may Laissez Faire be with you!

Using Positive Self Talk to Attract Your Desires

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Be careful of how you talk to yourself, because guess what?  You are listening!  And you know who else is listening?  The Universe!  You have an inner dialogue with yourself on a daily basis.

In some areas of your life you may have a very positive dialect with yourself.  But like many people, you may have certain areas where you put yourself down and don’t treat yourself like you would treat a good friend or anyone that you loved, for that matter.

Ask yourself if you would tell someone you loved what negative thoughts you feed to yourself.  The answer is you wouldn’t but for some reason you keep treating yourself so mean!

Today is the day to STOP this behavior.  Recognition is the first step to change.  You will hear me say this a lot.  Now that you have recognized your negative self-talk, you have reached your first step to changing it.

“What do you mean negative self-talk?”, you ask.

Some examples can be, “I am so fat!  I can’t believe how fat I am!” or “You are worthless.  You can never do anything right!” or “I always make mistakes!” or “I am a horrible person.  I have no friends because I am unlikable!”

These examples may be what you are currently telling yourself on a daily basis, or it could be not as bad or perhaps worse.  Whatever you are telling yourself, you are instructing the universe to bring you more events and circumstances in your life to feel that way.

It becomes a vicious cycle that repeats itself over and over.  Like if you have a desire to get healthy and lose weight, but continue to tell yourself how fat you are, the universe will create that for your life.  You will always be fat until you can believe and tell yourself how healthy and thin you are.

As seen on Pick the Brain

As seen on Pick the Brain

Start recognizing your negative self-talk and replace it with the polar opposite positive self-talk.  This will change your belief system and set into motion for the universe to send you what you are asking for.

Remember to speak to yourself with love and positivity so that you can attract into your life just that!  As you change the way you think about that particular area of your life, you will see your life change to coincide with your new thoughts.

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!

With Love xoxo 🙂

Magicality Moment #7: Monitoring Your Feelings

11.14.13 Feelings on a ball

You have too many thoughts in a day to physically monitor them all.  You also have so many subconscious thoughts that you don’t realize even exist. You can, however, monitor your feelings.

Your emotions and feelings are indicators of what your thoughts are feeding your magnet.

What you really need to monitor is when you are feeling ‘off’.  You know the feeling.  Maybe you are mad or sad or feeling down for no reason.  You won’t feel like yourself.  When this happens know that whatever you are thinking at that moment, you are feeding your magnet instructions to draw more of that to you.

Decide now to change the way you are feeling.  Thinking of all the wonderful things you already have right now will help bring your feelings back to positive.

Lose Weight With A Little Help From The Law of Attraction…

11.13.13 Weight Loss Balloon copy

Are you like most people who wish you could lose some extra weight?  Do you diet and step on the scale often to ensure you are on the right track toward meeting your goals?  Do you stare at your body in the mirror, and only seem to see the parts that you dislike?  If so, you are not alone.  But, by following these steps I just mentioned above you will do nothing but attract more of everything you don’t want….extra weight.

Why, you ask? Because just by making the statement, and securing it with your actions, that you are “on a diet” sends a message to the universe that you are unhappy with your current self and are “afraid” of putting on more weight.

Try, instead, to say and be more “aware of what you are eating.”  Take pride in making good food choices but don’t beat yourself up when you indulge here and there; depriving yourself with a “diet” will only attract more cravings for the things you “can’t” have.

Diets = Fears and therefore continue to deliver more of what you don’t want…poundage.

As seen on Womansday

As seen on Womansday

Which brings me to my next piece of advice: Scales.  Get rid of your scale!  Do not use one!  By weighing yourself on the regular, all you are doing is focusing on a number and expressing to the universe that you will only be happy if, and when, you reach that certain weight—this is not living in the now.

Do not give the control over your happiness to a machine that reflects “who you are” in number form!  Go by how your clothes fit but don’t replace your scale obsession with obsessing over your pants feeling a bit tighter then the last time you wore them.

Frankly, the less you think about your weight, the more you will lose because you are not spending time thinking about it, and therefore attracting to you whatever your negative weight-loss thoughts might be.

When you notice your clothes fitting better, be grateful and continue to tell yourself that this is the norm for you, you always lose weight effortlessly.  Keep exuding those feel good feelings about your awesome weight-loss manifesting skills and this will remain your reality.  I know you can do it and would love to hear your story!

Happy weigh-loss manifesting!