9.30.13 Magical Lotus Flower

We are working on something so Incredible!  It’s called Tales of Magicality.  What is Magicality, you may ask?  Great question!  In a standard form, here is the definition:


mag·ic·al·i·ty    noun \ˈma-jik-ˈa-lə-tē\

  1. When Magic meets Reality.
  2. When an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source happens at the same time the quality or state of being is real.
  3. A real event, entity, or state of affairs that happens due to being in tune with a higher power.
  4. Being aware of all the “coincidences” in life and acting on the opportunities that arise because of that awareness.
  5. Living a law-of-attraction lifestyle.

In a not-so-standard form, it can be described as the phenomenon that occurs when magic meets reality.  Using the law of attraction, one can manifest anything that they think about.  Your thoughts attract things, so whatever you think about you attract into your life.

We all have an internal magnet that feeds off of our thoughts and, conversely, our thoughts feed off of the direction our magnet is facing.  This magnet is horseshoe shaped and can either be facing up or facing down.  In order to manifest the life that we desire, we want to make sure that our magnets are facing up.  Awareness is the key.

Living a Magicality lifestyle will make your life more fun and interactive.  Since Magicality helps you hone your awareness skills, you will begin to notice all of the amazing little nuances that happen throughout your day.  Things that would ordinarily go unnoticed, seem trivial or unimportant will begin to have more meaning and value.  This in turn will jump start your gratitude levels and further enhance your attraction of beneficial circumstances, people and things into your life.

Magicality will put you in the driver’s seat of your own life.  You control the speed, the atmosphere and the direction you are driving in and your magnet is your compass.

Join us as we share in our tales of Magicality and inspire you to share yours!

Are YOU ready to be in control?

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