Feelings of Being Fat Hold You Back from Your Ideal Weight

2.3.14 Feelings of Being Fat

Have you struggled with your weight?  Perhaps recently or what feels like your entire life?  Do you pass by the mirror and put yourself down?  Call yourself ‘mean girl’ names like fat and ugly?

Have you tried countless diets from Atkins to Weight Watchers and maybe even the Cabbage Soup diet?  You may take off the weight at first and then find yourself right back where you were, if not heavier!

You are not alone!

What you didn’t know in the past is that most of what you do to lose weight happens in your mind.  So when you start losing weight, you begin to feel good about yourself.  These good feelings draw in more feelings of feeling good and aid in your weight loss journey.  Then, there is a moment where you may double guess how you are looking.

Maybe you get comfortable with your loss and then indulge a bit in some not so healthy foods.  This makes you feel pretty crappy about yourself and your weight loss efforts.

And so a negative destructive cycle begins for you.

Then you figure you may as well continue to indulge and soon you’ve gained maybe 5-10 pounds back.  Then your old thought pattern creeps right back into your mind.

You see yourself in the mirror and are the meanest person in the world.  You call yourself fat, ugly and maybe even a failure.  Perhaps you feel worthless and tell yourself that.

When in your new clothes (the ones you got to reward yourself for all of your hard work and efforts) start feeling a bit snug, it begins reinforcing your thoughts.

honeymoon weight gain pic 2

So you continue on being so mean to yourself until out of the blue you are back in your fat jeans and maybe needing to buy an even bigger size.

Does this sound familiar at all?

Well, what you didn’t know then that I am about to share with you is that your mind is controlling how you look.  If you are caught up in fat feelings, you will always draw that back into your life.

Feelings of being fat actually attracts just that into your life.  If you feel fat, you will start developing unhealthy patterns that provides to your life what you are asking for.

Conversely, feelings of being thin will draw more feelings of being thin into your life.  Yo-yo dieters know both feelings but if you have the belief that you will always have to diet, then you will always gain back your weight once it is lost.

This is why your weight loss happens and then weight gain comes back.  It is a pattern that is feeding off your state of mind.

So now that you know this (and recognition is the first step to change), you CAN take the appropriate steps to changing your old patterns.  You can finally free yourself from a lifetime of dieting and be happy with who you are today, right now.

honeymoon weight gain pic 3

The next time you see yourself, practice positive self-talk.  Tell yourself how beautiful you are.  Believe how beautiful you are.  Tell yourself how thin you are and how much you love your body.

Make this a habit every day, several times a day, to repeat this positive self-talk to yourself.  Even if you don’t believe it right at this moment, through daily repetition it will sink in to your subconscious how incredibly amazing and attractive you are.

Then when you feel so good about yourself, you can begin your journey to life time weight loss using the law of attraction.  Now you can envision yourself in your dream body.

Hold this vision firmly in your mind and it will appear in your life in no time.  Imagine what it feels like to be your ideal weight and body type.  Feel the feelings you have being there.  Then Just have faith.  You will succeed!!

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!

With Love xoxo 🙂

Positivity Looks Good on You!

I came across this quote recently and it really spoke to me.

Do you know someone, or have you ever noticed someone, that is just always negative and actually has a puss on his or her face to match?  You know, those people that seem to have a perma-frown engraved on their faces—even when they do smile, it doesn’t seem to fit them because it’s so out of the norm?

This is because the thoughts that are usually flowing through their cells—the worries, the criticisms, the negative expectations—not only affect them internally (usually these people succumb to many dis-eases and other maladies) but externally also (their skin, their hair, their posture and their expressions).

1.1.14 Positivity Looks GoodYour thoughts clearly display themselves on your face and therefore influence your appearance.  When you are feeling good—thinking positive thoughts, feeling positive emotions—you will exude a positive vibration for everyone, and everything, around you to see and feel.

When this happens, you will encounter positive circumstances which will include other positive people and experiences…and the cycle continues.  This is the cycle you WANT, the cycle to continually strive to keep!  Positivity looks good on you and you will continue to attract more of the same!

Do you think it’s a coincidence that many of the “evil” characters in books and movies, especially children’s books and movies, are painted to be ugly?  No one wants to look like Cruella De Vil!  She acts crazy, is mean and self-centered and has the looks to prove it!

As seen on Empire Online...

As seen on Empire Online…

Me, I’d rather have sunbeams shine out of my face because of the positive thoughts I hold within me, wouldn’t you?  So, take notice of your body when your magnet is frowning.  Are your muscles clenched in anger or frustration?  Are your eyes slightly squinted and the corners of your mouth forming a taut frown?  Catch yourself when your mind starts to runaway train to Negative-ville.  Don’t end up like Cruella!

Here’s to you always looking lovely and your sunbeams shining blightly!

The Power of Apology in Living the Law of Attraction

11.6.13 Power of Apology

Have you ever observed small children navigate the social waters and occasionally bump heads with one another such as fighting over a toy and then casually giving each other a retaliation punch?

If so, were you also able to observe how the parent handled the situation? Most parents seem to immediately jump in and instruct their child to, “Say your sorry,” which is usually followed by the child saying it somewhat under his or her breath, without feeling or remorse.

Like children, we can all lose control of our magnet at times, I certainly do here and there, it happens, we’re all human, but it is important to make right what you may have done wrong.

The trick is being aware of the fact that you had a momentary lapse in sticking to your higher-self-path. As soon as you realize this, flip your magnet back the way it should be, back to its manifestation smile.  Then, reexamine the situation that made you lose your cool, that made your magnet teeter, and see if there is a way to rectify the negativity that you may have had a hand in.

As seen on Psychology Today

As seen on Psychology Today

The best, and most assertive way to do this is by simply apologizing to anyone you may have affected (like when it is bed time, and your patience are running low, and you snap at your kids and send then off to bed in a house full of tension energy).

Ask yourself if whatever made you step outside of living the Law of Attraction and back into the “it’s everyone else’s fault” world was really worth it….and if you really dig deeper, most of the time it isn’t the outside source that you blame for causing your break from Magicality in the heat of the moment, it really is something that is going on inside yourself.

Therefore, I think you may agree with me, that an apology is in order. (That’s when you hug your kids, look them in the eyes in the morning and tell them you love them; tell them that you apologize for losing control over your magnet and you are sorry for yelling. They will appreciate it, even if they are little, and will look to emulate the example you are setting)

Apologies are powerful because they signal to the universe that you are aware of your thoughts, emotions and actions; that even though you may make a mistake occasionally, you are quick to fix it–and hopefully learn from it.

Be grateful for your momentary magnet misdirection because it is a lesson to learn from, but be even more grateful for your noticing it and correcting it. And, don’t worry, your apologies won’t go unnoticed; the universe will send you signs of thanks as well…and be sure to thank it right back!

So, don’t fret when you make a wrong turn (and your magnet follows), just be sure to offer a heart-felt, sincere apology to all involved…universe and magnet included.

May all your apologies bring you much positivity in return!

Living the Law of Attraction…Magicality Magnet Style

10.30.13 Smiling Magnet

A very important component of Magicality is your Magicality Magnet. Your magnet has been with you ever since you were a baby, yet few of us realize it till much later in life, if at all.

If you are here reading this blog, you should consider yourself special since you essentially have a leg up in living a law of attraction lifestyle if you recognize, and respect, the power and potential your Magicality Magnet has in helping you manifest the life you want.

The relationship you have with your Magicality Magnet is cyclical; your magnet feeds off of and follows in the direction of your thoughts, actions and emotions while, at the same time, when you examine your thoughts, actions and emotions, you will get a clear indication of which direction your magnet is facing and whether it needs to be adjusted or not.

It’s “like attracts like”, so think happy, attract more happy; think angry, get more angry reflected back.

Negativity Magnet Cycle

And here’s the GREAT NEWS!  You have total control over your magnet just by controlling your thoughts!  Let me say that again, when you know your magnet must be facing down because you are obviously in a shitty mood, you can choose, right then and there, to flip it over so it is smiling again!

Positivity Magnet Cycle

Now, I know you are probably thinking, “I can’t just ‘change’ my mood so quickly like that? This sounds impossible!”  I know it may sound difficult, and believe me, less than 5 years ago, I would have totally scoffed at this advice myself. (I never bought into the whole, “put a smile on your face and it will make you feel better;” I looked at it as, “If I’m in a bad mood, I’m not going to cover it up with a fake smile.”)

But, in actuality, you aren’t faking anything—you are CHOOSING to change your thought patterns and there is nothing fake about that.  And, if I am able to snap myself out of a bad mood within minutes or hours, as apposed to days or months, like years ago, so can you!

10.30.13 Which way is my magnet facing right now_edited-1

The key is remembering to be aware and ask yourself, “Which way is my magnet facing right now?” and flip accordingly.  You’ll be surprised how much easier it is to do than you think.  That’s what makes Magicality so magical!

Please share with us your Magicality Magnet flipping experiences; we would love to hear them!

Until next time, happy flipping!

Attracting Positivity from Unexpected Places

10.16.13 Happy Lady in Grass

Is there a place that you dread to go to because it always seems to challenge your positivity?  Somewhere that the people all seem to have frowning Magnets and no matter how good you were feeling before you got there, you always seem to have your feel-good-feelings chipped away at instantly by this place and the people there?

For me, this place was Costco on Staten Island, NY (my old hometown).  I would rather cross the bridge and drive to New Jersey to go to Costco than cross the negativity threshold that was the Staten Island Costco parking lot.

Going there meant that I could expect to be surrounded by rude, self-centered people, a crazy parking lot and a fast paced, congested store that even Speedy Gonzales would have trouble navigating.  Are you getting the picture now?  Did a place like this come to mind for you?

As seen on Lifehack.org

As seen on Lifehack.org

In hindsight, I now realize how I was completely attracting this outcome to myself whenever I decided to go to that Costco.  I would let my Magicality Magnet immediately begin to teeter after making the decision to shop there.  It’s like my thoughts sent the signal to the movie projector worker to change the films from a happy shopping experience to the “I HATE THIS PLACE!” movie, and that’s exactly what I got, every time.

Unfortunately, at the time, I wasn’t as aware of my thoughts and the law of attraction like I am now so I just usually did my best to avoid that Costco.

I am in love with my new hometown; everyone is extremely friendly and, for the most part, do nothing but contribute to raising my, and my family’s, energy vibration.  Because everyone, everywhere, is so great, it really stands out when I go someplace that doesn’t seem to live up to those high standards.

This place in my new hometown would be Shoprite.  It seems that the times I’ve shopped in there, my positive vibes are not reflected back to me when I share a warm smile with someone I pass or speak politely when someone is in my way.  Instead, I get emotionless looks and people ignoring me.  And, oddly enough, my husband shared with me that he had similar experiences the times he had shopped there.  But, today was different.

Today, when I made my list and informed my husband that I would be running to the store, I set the intention of having a wonderful experience at Shoprite and my intentions were met with smiling magnets.

First, someone quickly pulled into a parking spot that I was going to take and when I began to drive by her, she quickly rolled down her window and apologized; her kind gesture put a smile on my face which then landed me a parking spot right in front of the store.  And the trip just got better from there; everyone was friendly, polite and exuded a brighter energy.  I was so happy to come home and update my husband on my wonderful Shoprite experience.

Let my example be a lesson for you to learn from.  Living the Law of Attraction, living Magicality, is an ongoing journey; we all evolve at our own speed.  It took me some time but I got here and so can you!  So set the intention for a good experience the next time you have to go to that place that tests your positivity, keep your spirits high and your Magnet smiling at everyone, and EXPECT something wonderful!

Happy Manifesting!

Tuning into Your Morning Feelings Using the Law of Attraction

10.7.13 Woman Waking Up

Did you ever wake up and just feel in a bad mood?  Perhaps the events of the morning didn’t start out so good and your mood begins to spiral down from there.  You stub your toe, run out of toothpaste, then hit traffic on your way to work.  Your mood keeps getting worse and worse.

As seen on BipolarBurble

As seen on BipolarBurble

Does this sound familiar to you?

Unfortunately it happens to many people but you can stop this from happening again.  From the moment you wake up, you should start getting into the habit of having gratitude thoughts.  Your first thoughts should be those filled with love and gratitude.

Think of all of the things in life you are grateful for and feel how amazing it is to have those things.  This should fill you with positive energy to start off your day.

When you lay in bed think of these great thoughts that fill you with gratitude and happiness.  When you brush your teeth, think these thoughts.  When you are in the shower and getting ready, think happy thoughts.

Now, some days, before you make this a habit, you may forget to have this positive self-talk first thing in the morning.  On those days, you may notice a bad feeling or just feel ‘off’.

On these ‘off’ days, notice the not so good feeling and recognize this as a reminder that your Magicality Magnet is facing down.  This is a clear indication to yourself that you will only attract not so good circumstances to your life until you flip your magnet to Up, which will put you in a positive mood.

As long as your magnet is down and you aren’t feeling good, you will continue to attract more events and circumstances into your life that will cause more of those ‘off’ feelings.  Like in the example described above, if you stub your toe out of bed and allow that event to dictate the rest of your day, you will be confronted with more circumstances that cause you to be in a bad mood.

Conversely, if you wake up and feel refreshed, grateful, full of love and happy, the events in your day will ALL reflect these feelings.

As seen on Psychology Today

As seen on Psychology Today

Make a conscious decision to be in control of your life and what you attract into it.  Decide today to turn your thoughts and emotions to positive so that you attract just that into your life.

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!

With Love xoxo 🙂