Follow the Signs of Magicality to Attract the Life You Didn’t Know You Could Have

12.4.13 Sign of Magicality

Have you even been doing something totally mundane and have a very meaningful realization?  This happened to me recently.  I was brushing my teeth and was suddenly struck with an amazing Magicality epiphany!

Before my son was born, my husband and I were seriously considering moving to Montana.  We were just going to pick up and go and talked about building a little cabin in a random small town.  It was a cool thought but when we found out I was pregnant, that plan quickly changed.

When Bo, our son, was 9 months old, we moved from where we were living in Nevada to New York, to be closer to my family and for Jake to take the test to become a firefighter in the FDNY.  The timing of this move was pivotal because this would be the last test that Jake would be within the age requirements to take and it was a dream of Jake’s to become firefighter.  So that, coupled with the desire to be closer to my family, had us selling everything that couldn’t fit into our two cars and making a cross-country road trip from Nevada to New York City.

It was amazing to see Jake fulfill his dream and graduate Salutatorian from the FDNY Fire Academy after working so hard to achieve his goal.  I was, and still am, insanely proud of him and his accomplishments and know he is fulfilling his life’s purpose.

Although there are many incredible signs of Magicality throughout me and Jake’s ten year journey of being together, the universe really aligned in order to fulfill Jake’s dream and, in the process, provide our family with the most happiness and security.

But, it wasn’t until recently that I was able to see the major source of Magicality in Jake becoming a Firefighter…it was my son!  If we hadn’t have had Bo when we did, we probably wouldn’t have moved to NY in time for Jake to take the test, if we had moved there at all, and Jake would probably not be working his dream job today.

We moved at exactly the right time, exactly when was right for us, by following the signs of Magicality.  There were too many signs pointing us in the direction we needed to go to ignore them.  And, I’m grateful we were both open to experiencing the many changes that came along with following them.

So, you never know where you are going to end up in your life’s journey and who will play a vital role in fulfilling your dreams.  Be open to the possibilities that arise throughout your life because following their lead may just land you on your ultimate life path.

Here’s to much awareness of the signs of Magicality in your life; it’s never too late to notice and be grateful for them!

4 comments on “Follow the Signs of Magicality to Attract the Life You Didn’t Know You Could Have

  1. That is a great tale of Magicality for sure!! It’s kind of like in the wizard of oz when they tell Dorothy to follow the yellow brick road. She follows this path of “signs” and meets many pivotal characters along the way. Had she not followed, her outcome would have been significantly different. We have to be open to following inspiration and our intuition, which will lead us on the path we ultimately desire. Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. Rayna, that’s an excellent analogy! I love it!! Yes, this is a living proof example of not giving up on a dream, staying aware and following through! So worth it all!

  3. Well written and interesting how decisions, a fork in the road, can take you home. Everything happens for a “reason season or lifetime”!!!

  4. Lorena, very well said! Lately, I keep coming into contact with that quote of yours, “everything happens for a reason, season, or a lifetime.” Coincidence?….I think not!!! It’s a great example of appreciating everything in you life, no matter how long of a stay it makes! I love it! Thanks so much for the comment!

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