Magicality Moment #12: Tests Are Everywhere

12.19.13 Woman THinking


Just like in school, life is filled with tests of Magicality. When you are learning anything in a school setting, the teacher will give you tests to make sure that you are progressing.  Just like in school, life will throw you many tests.  Consider these tests of your faith.

A lot of time, these appear in the form of what seems to be ‘negative’ events or circumstances.

Do you still believe that positive things will happen? Do you believe that your positive thoughts and intentions will get you what you truly want?  Then trust in Magicality and believe that what seems to be ‘negative’ will somehow turn out being positive.

Realize that when this perceived not good thing happens that it is just a test of your faith.  Pass the test by having faith in the universe that your positive intentions will be what your life becomes.