Living the Law of Attraction in THE NOW

10.9.13 Tree on Cliff

Have you ever heard a song that just really spoke to you?  A song with words that were more than mere poetry, they were actually wise advice that you should heed?

Pearl Jam is my all-time, most favorite band.  Though I love so many of their songs, there is one in particular that I find to be so truthful, wise and descriptive: Present Tense, from the album No Code.

            Listen to these lyrics:

“…you can spend your time alone, redigesting past regrets, oh

or you can come to terms and realize

you’re the only one who can’t forgive yourself, oh

makes much more sense to live in the present tense…”

I’ve loved this song since I was a teenager and it occurred to me recently how enlightened this message is when you are living a law of attraction lifestyle, when you are living Magicality.

Living in “The Now” is crucial.  When you aren’t, that means that your thoughts are somewhere else—either in the past or the future—neither of which you have control over.  Obsessing about something you don’t have control over usually doesn’t lead to positive emotions being send out into the universe, this being something you don’t want to do.

As seen on Live in the Now

As seen on Live in the Now

Spending your time thinking about past events that were “negative” or even ones that were “good” but have you caught in an unhealthy reminiscing-rut are not going to keep your magnet smiling and your vibration up so that you attract positive things, people and circumstances into your life.

Listen to Eddie Vedder when he says that “you are the only one;” he is reminding you that you are in control of where your life is headed and it is by being aware of the tracks your trains-of-thought ride along and their inevitable destinations—either to Positive-ville or Negative City—that will determine what you encounter in your future.

So continue to surround yourself around the things that make you feel good, like the tree leaning out to catch the sun’s rays that Eddie sings about in this song.  Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking, evaluate where they are headed, and pull the emergency break on those non-present, negative thoughts.  Be the conductor of your own life and enjoy the ride, moment by moment.

Until next time, Stay in the Now 🙂