Getting Off the Law of Attraction Path Can Lead You Right Back Onto It

3.10.14 Roads merging together

Happy Monday readers!! Have you ever had a moment in life that put you off track? Did it seem like you wouldn’t be able to pick yourself up, but yet you found yourself back on your journey and path to enlightenment?

Well I for sure have…plenty of times in my journey so far and today I wanted to share one of these monumental times with you.

As you may or may not know, I had my first child in November (it’s a BOY!) and am truly blessed with this little miracle.

As I write this post I am looking down on him sleeping on me and he has the most precious face (sorry for the cheesy moment). What I want to share with you today is that having a child completely side-tracked me in my law of attraction and Magicality skills.

From the days leading up to his birth I had gotten hardly any sleep. Then from the moment I was in labor, he was born and now 4 months later, I still am a sleep deprived “mombie”.

3.10.14 mombie

I am not sure if it is the sleep deprivation, the shock of being a new parent, the struggles with a newborn or perhaps a combination of all of these things that pushed me off my path, but I can recognize that I had been off for quite some while.

My Magicality Magnet for sure was flipped down more times than I would like to admit. There were plenty of times that I reached out to my Magicality Buddy, my friends, family…anyone that could help make sense of things for me.

In my head, logically I knew that my thoughts were contradicting what I want to really attract in life. But for some reason, it wasn’t an easy task to switch my thoughts back to positive.

As seen on HannahViolin

As seen on HannahViolin

So after several months of tapping and doing negativity analyses, I can finally say I feel back in tune with the law or attraction.

I can say that although back in tune, I still feel I need a tune-up and that it will take my mental strength and perseverance to be where I was before I gave birth.

But every day is a new opportunity to flip your magnet….in fact every moment is. If you find yourself out of sorts like I was, please know that this is normal. Know that you will get back on track and that this is just a test of your faith. A magicality hiccup for you. All hiccups come to an end….it just may take some ‘salt on your tongue, loads of water or even a good scare’ to get it to stop.

As seen on Still Breathing

As seen on Still Breathing

I guess you need to go through rough patches to truly appreciate the greatness that life really has to offer. The world is filled with opposites and this is just one of those instances you have to live through.

And believe me…you will always come out stronger on the other side.

So until next time, have magical moments! 🙂 xoxo

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