The Three Monkeys & Their Role in the Law of Attraction

1.20.14 The Three Monkeys

See no evil.  Hear no evil.  Speak no evil.

You may have heard this a time or two in your lifetime so far.  This phrase has ultimately been represented by the monkeys, as represented in the picture above.

The Three Monkeys were actually very wise if you think about it.  Try to live by what they represent, which is to ‘see no evil’, ‘speak no evil’ and ‘hear no evil’.

If you break that down to apply to your life today, do your best to remove yourself from all negativity that you currently have around you.  You may not even realize the extent until you do this exercise.


See No Evil

As seen on Hillary 'n Me

As seen on Hillary ‘n Me

Think of circumstances where you are visually accepting negativity into your subconscious.  Perhaps you are an avid news watcher or reader.  The news is FILLED with negativity.  Every time I am watching, there is some story that makes we want to cry or get angry.

These emotions are not good ones.  Recognize that when you are watching or reading something, it is filling your subconscious thoughts with negativity, which in turn could attract that into your life.

In an earlier post of mine, I discussed how Social Media can fall under this category, depending on who you are allowing in your feeds.  Remove the negativity from this aspect of your life as well and replace it with positive people and pages to follow.

Hear No Evil

Think of times when you are listening to others talk negatively.  They could be talking on and on about bad circumstances, events, news, people.  Whatever they are talking about, it could be someone that you recognize as a person who always talks negatively.

Try to change the subject and allow your positive energy to consume them as much as you can.  In some cases, people are so addicted to living a negative life that you may not be able to sway them to your positive light.

In these instances, it may be best for you to distance yourselves from them so that you can once again get in harmony with positive energy, thoughts and emotions which will ultimately attract more of that into your life.

Speak No Evil

As seen on CisionBlog

As seen on CisionBlog

Think of times that you have spoken badly or spread gossip around about others.  When you do this, you are ultimately drawing that negativity into your own life.

If you speak badly about others, you could be drawing that negative circumstance right into your life.  These negative statements hurt you the most.

So before you speak badly of someone or a situation, remember that you are attracting those thoughts right to you.  Decide to change your words to positive ones and watch how amazing your life becomes.


Watching what you surround your life with in terms of See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil, you will see how your life will dramatically change for the better.

Allow only room for positivity and that is what you will get.

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!

With Love xoxo 🙂


P.S. Today is Martin Luther King Jr’s Day!  We are so grateful for all of his contributions and for him believing   He definitely is a great example of the law of attraction and holding firmly in your beliefs.  He truly is an inspiration to everyone!!  Thank you for all of your efforts!

5 comments on “The Three Monkeys & Their Role in the Law of Attraction

  1. Thank you, Thank you , Thank you.
    This is a very important reminder for us all. Negativity in its smallest form is programming our subconscious mind.
    Given than more than 90% of our lives is driven by our subconscious mind, this is worth thinking about.

  2. Love this! I hadn’t thought of the LOA in connection with the three wise monkeys before, but it’s so true! We all need to be careful about what we surround ourselves with – and I know what you mean about the news! I try my best to avoid it these days, as it always gets me down! xx

  3. Thank you for your feedback!! You really don’t realize just how much negativity can enter your subconscious mind until you start paying attention to what you are saying, seeing and speaking. I hope this helps you attract spectacular things into your life! Namaste and have a magicality day! Xoxo 🙂

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