Magicality Moment #16: Be a Baby…Take 1 Step at a Time

1.16.13 Baby Walking

Life, and everything attached to it, moves one step at a time, whether we realize it or not.  Just like a child learning to walk, they always take that first step which is exciting and exhilarating for a watching parent and the baby herself.

Yet, as we get older, the steps we take when trying something new can get clouded over with noisy, negative thoughts and worries; the excitement of new experiences gets drown out only because we are thinking too many steps ahead!

A baby is constantly living in the moment. When a baby stands to take her first step, she is not thinking, “Wow, it’s really far to have to get from me to my mother. Maybe I should just crawl over instead. I won’t get hurt that way.”

No!  The baby takes that first step when she feels ready and then goes from there…one step at a time! Don’t let your mind “runaway train” with worries—pull the emergency break! Take 1 Step at a Time.

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