Changing Your Words to Attract Your Best Life

12.23.13 Green Light

“I Always…!”

Do you find yourself using this statement?  For example, do you find yourself saying things like, “I always get stuck in traffic”, “I always get all the red lights” or “This always happens!”

When you say these type of statements, you are creating a pattern in your life, whether you realize it or not.  Because you say “always”, the universe will seek to make that happen for you every time to no avail.

So I challenge you today to start recognizing when you say these statements.  The moment those words either come out of your mouth or enter into your thoughts, I want you to immediately make the statement a past tense.

You will now consciously say, “I used to get stuck in traffic”, “I used to get all of the red lights” or “This used to happen!” 

As seen on Forbes

As seen on Forbes

After making these past-tense statements, you cancel out your old mantra.  You can now replace them with a positive ‘always’ statement to create a life that you would find more pleasurable.

Your new ‘always’ statements can sound like, “I always have a smooth, easy ride”, “I always get green lights” or “I always have this positive thing happen!”

When I first started doing this, the traffic or the red lights or whatever I was ‘alwaysing’ about didn’t go away right away.  My belief was so deep and engrained in my subconscious, that it took some practice and effort on my part to start getting the smooth rides and green lights.

As seen on The Talent Notes

As seen on The Talent Notes

You may have to put some effort into this also, but I promise you it will be worth it.  Keep repeating this process until your old belief system is now recreated to a positive belief system.  You will see your world begin to change and things get so much easier for you.

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!

With Love xoxo 🙂

One comment on “Changing Your Words to Attract Your Best Life

  1. This is a great post Rayna! It’s so true! I try to be as aware as possible about the words I use and, it’s funny because the time I do use those sweeping, negative “always” statements, it’s usually when my emotions are running high which only exacerbates the ingrained belief system and perks the ears of the Universe up even more to call it into being faster. The past tense idea is a great one! I am going to remember to use it!

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