Using the Law of Attraction to Become an Optimist

11.25.13 Girl With Thumbs Up

Do you view the glass as half empty?  Then you would describe yourself as a pessimist.  Just because this label currently defines you, you have the power to change!

Yes, a pessimist can change its preverbal stripes, unlike the zebra.  If you are currently labeling yourself as a pessimist, know that you can change.  You need to start having positive affirmations in your life.

When you begin to feel like your pessimist self and start thinking of negative thoughts, use this technique to get on the optimistic positive path.

Right now, think of the happiest time in your life and remember the feelings it gave you.  Imagine right now what that moment was and envision yourself there.

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Think of all the details that made up this moment down to the feelings that you had that day.  Allow this memory to consume you until you feel completely happy, just as you did the first time you lived this scene.

Then, anytime you are feeling negative or bad about a situation invoke this wonderful memory into your consciousness and feel the emotions as if you were reliving that happy time once again.  Think of the moment until you are consumed with that happiness.

This exercise will put you back into a positive energy and help you flip your Magicality Magnet from facing down to facing up.  When you have a magnet that is facing up it seeks to attract positive events and circumstances into your life.

Sometimes, you may give this exercise a go and realize that your bad feelings are too overwhelming for you.  In these instances, you need more than just a happy memory to turn your frequency back up.

Woman Frustrated

Right now think of an activity that you love that makes you feel happy and relaxed.  It could be anything like exercise, running, biking, yoga, painting, playing an instrument, drawing or anything at all that you love doing.

Then when this uber unhappy feeling comes your way that you can’t use your happy memories to turn around, make a conscious decision to do your happy activity.  It will bring your mental state of mind to a positive one and wash away those negative emotions.

Remember these two methods and start practicing them.  The more you practice, the easier it will become.  And before you know it, once pessimist has now turned optimist.

Have faith in yourself.  I sure do!

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!

With Love xoxo 🙂

3 comments on “Using the Law of Attraction to Become an Optimist

  1. It’s amazing how thinking about something that brings you joy can completely transform you! Your body will relax, a smile will grown on your face without effort, you will feel lighter, all while your Magnet flips to attract more of those feel-good-feelings!

  2. I absolutely agree! Sometimes when you feel off and your magnet is flipped down it’s not easy to think about good things. It’s almost as if the negative wants to keep you down. Then when you move past the noise and can focus on feel good feelings, your world opens up and you begin to feel alive again. 🙂

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