Using Positive Self Talk to Attract Your Desires

11.18.13 Girl in mirror

Be careful of how you talk to yourself, because guess what?  You are listening!  And you know who else is listening?  The Universe!  You have an inner dialogue with yourself on a daily basis.

In some areas of your life you may have a very positive dialect with yourself.  But like many people, you may have certain areas where you put yourself down and don’t treat yourself like you would treat a good friend or anyone that you loved, for that matter.

Ask yourself if you would tell someone you loved what negative thoughts you feed to yourself.  The answer is you wouldn’t but for some reason you keep treating yourself so mean!

Today is the day to STOP this behavior.  Recognition is the first step to change.  You will hear me say this a lot.  Now that you have recognized your negative self-talk, you have reached your first step to changing it.

“What do you mean negative self-talk?”, you ask.

Some examples can be, “I am so fat!  I can’t believe how fat I am!” or “You are worthless.  You can never do anything right!” or “I always make mistakes!” or “I am a horrible person.  I have no friends because I am unlikable!”

These examples may be what you are currently telling yourself on a daily basis, or it could be not as bad or perhaps worse.  Whatever you are telling yourself, you are instructing the universe to bring you more events and circumstances in your life to feel that way.

It becomes a vicious cycle that repeats itself over and over.  Like if you have a desire to get healthy and lose weight, but continue to tell yourself how fat you are, the universe will create that for your life.  You will always be fat until you can believe and tell yourself how healthy and thin you are.

As seen on Pick the Brain

As seen on Pick the Brain

Start recognizing your negative self-talk and replace it with the polar opposite positive self-talk.  This will change your belief system and set into motion for the universe to send you what you are asking for.

Remember to speak to yourself with love and positivity so that you can attract into your life just that!  As you change the way you think about that particular area of your life, you will see your life change to coincide with your new thoughts.

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!

With Love xoxo 🙂

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