Money Grows on Trees: Using the Law of Attraction for Abundance

10.28.13 Money grows on trees

When you were growing up did your parents ever use the term, “Money doesn’t grow on Trees”?  If you did, you have been conditioned like so many of us to believe that money is hard to come by.  You may think that you have to bust your butt and work so very hard to have money.

Because of this belief, you will always attract that into your life. 

What if when you were a little kid your parents told you, “Money DOES grow on trees!”  How do you think your life would be right now?  What would your belief about money be and how would that affect your relationship with money?

Now money doesn’t really physically grow on trees, but proverbially it does!  If you believe that money comes easily and frequently than guess what?  It will always come easily and frequently!

Do you have any friends that always seem to have all that they want?  They are always getting the ‘new’ electronics or going on the best vacations?  They may have bills but never stress about paying them?  These people have the belief that money grows on trees! 

They know something so magnificent—That there will always be more than enough money.  Money comes in and goes out and that is the cycle.  They believe that money will always be around and they don’t stress when things get tight.

As seen on Red-Vertice.Com

As seen on Red-Vertice.Com

If you stress about money and have a belief that there’s not enough, then there will never be enough.  Change the way you think about money and change your world.

When things do get tight (because they will) don’t panic.  Just have faith in the universe that there will be enough.  When you panic and stress about it, you send out signals into the universe that you have a feeling of lack about money and unfortunately that will present you with situations for you to feel a lack of money for. 

Sometimes I start to have my old feelings of money creep in and it starts to turn my Magicality Magnet upside down!  This gives me a reminder that I have to start thinking positive about money again and as I am grateful for all the money and abundance I already have in my life and believe that money is always on its way, my magnet turns right back up.  And then I know that the universe is working to get me abundance!

Recognize the moments in your life that your Money Magnet is facing down.  Use this as a tool to focus on all that you do have and believe in yourself and your ability to attract more than enough into your life.  Flip your magnet to positive and start attracting all the positive things life has to offer for you, including a flow of abundance and money that will come into your life.  Just believe and have faith.

Choose to consciously change your thoughts about money and watch your world change.

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!

With Love xoxo 🙂

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