Tuning into Your Morning Feelings Using the Law of Attraction

10.7.13 Woman Waking Up

Did you ever wake up and just feel in a bad mood?  Perhaps the events of the morning didn’t start out so good and your mood begins to spiral down from there.  You stub your toe, run out of toothpaste, then hit traffic on your way to work.  Your mood keeps getting worse and worse.

As seen on BipolarBurble

As seen on BipolarBurble

Does this sound familiar to you?

Unfortunately it happens to many people but you can stop this from happening again.  From the moment you wake up, you should start getting into the habit of having gratitude thoughts.  Your first thoughts should be those filled with love and gratitude.

Think of all of the things in life you are grateful for and feel how amazing it is to have those things.  This should fill you with positive energy to start off your day.

When you lay in bed think of these great thoughts that fill you with gratitude and happiness.  When you brush your teeth, think these thoughts.  When you are in the shower and getting ready, think happy thoughts.

Now, some days, before you make this a habit, you may forget to have this positive self-talk first thing in the morning.  On those days, you may notice a bad feeling or just feel ‘off’.

On these ‘off’ days, notice the not so good feeling and recognize this as a reminder that your Magicality Magnet is facing down.  This is a clear indication to yourself that you will only attract not so good circumstances to your life until you flip your magnet to Up, which will put you in a positive mood.

As long as your magnet is down and you aren’t feeling good, you will continue to attract more events and circumstances into your life that will cause more of those ‘off’ feelings.  Like in the example described above, if you stub your toe out of bed and allow that event to dictate the rest of your day, you will be confronted with more circumstances that cause you to be in a bad mood.

Conversely, if you wake up and feel refreshed, grateful, full of love and happy, the events in your day will ALL reflect these feelings.

As seen on Psychology Today

As seen on Psychology Today

Make a conscious decision to be in control of your life and what you attract into it.  Decide today to turn your thoughts and emotions to positive so that you attract just that into your life.

Until next time, Have a Magical Day!

With Love xoxo 🙂

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